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Upcoming Zotz Decals: 1/32 A-20G Havocs


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I've been consulting with @Eli Raphael and he's asked me to share images of the pending Zotz 1/32 A-20G Havoc decal sheet. Each scheme has been meticulously researched (seriously, we've poured over hundreds of photos), and we feel this sheet provides a nice variety of options that are all suitable for the variant of A-20G that HK boxed in our beloved scale. The decal sheet will cover the following eight aircraft:


1. A-20G-25-DO serial number 43-9126 “Ravin Rachel”, 312th Bomb Group, 389th Bomb Squadron


2. A-20G-25-DO serial number 43-21320 “The Nervous Virgin”, 312th Bomb Group, 387th Bomb Squadron


3. A-20G-25-DO serial number 43-9105 “Sweet Lil’ Kitten”, 312th Bomb Group, 388th Bomb Squadron


4. A-20G-40-DO serial number 43-21544 “Joker”, 312th Bomb Group, 387th Bomb Squadron


5. A-20G-45-DO serial number 43-22166 “Baby Blitz II”, 312th Bomb Group, 388th Bomb Squadron


6. A-20G-40-DO serial number 43-21385 “Jap Happy”, 312th Bomb Group, 388th Bomb Squadron


7. A-20G-20-DO serial number 42-86726 “Jack’s Hack”, 3rd Attack Group, 90th Bomb Squadron


8. A-20G-25-DO serial number 43-9422 “Bub’s Brother”, 3rd Attack Group, 8th Bomb Squadron


The decal artwork is headed off to the printer, and the profiles for the decal sheet are in progress. Masks will be provided for the national insignia, and the shark mouth on Jack's Hack. Once a release date is nailed down, we'll be sure to announce it! In the mean time, enjoy the decal sheet artwork and the layout of the masks. Everything you see in grey in the artwork will be decaled in white:










Thanks for checking in! Eli is very excited to bring this decal sheet to us all!


- Dennis S.

   Mount Juliet, TN, USA, Compliments of Eli Raphael @ Zotz Decals

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2 minutes ago, Jan_G said:

All great choices! Thanks Dennis for sharing the details. Is it possible to preorder directly? Many thanks



There is no pre-order set up at this time. But we'll see!


- Dennis S.

   Mount Juliet, TN USA

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The instruction sheets have been sent off to the printers. We're getting dangerously close! Here's the instruction sheets to whet your appetite, and to start planning those builds!








An important note on 43-21385 "Jap Happy." Based on the production number and serial number, this plane originally had the cowlings as provided in the HK kit. At some point, the cowlings and engines were switched out to the cowlings that had the individual exhaust bristles around the cowling (like what @Uncarina is doing). The decals as depicted, with the black on the cowling, show it with the individual exhaust ports. For the standard cowlings, the black sections were not present. So, modeler's choice!


We hope that you find something on here that you like, and that you'll support Zotz Decals once again. We have more fun sheets in the pipeline, too!


- Dennis S.

   Mount Juliet, TN USA

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On 8/25/2023 at 12:26 AM, Eli Raphael said:

Hannants or Sprue Bros. Sorry don't have an EU distributor.

I guess AviationMegastore in Netherlands would be interested in selling them. This is the largest reseller of plane models, books, accessories and other goodies in the EU. Do not forget the EU has a market covering 500 millions of consumers (more than the US with UK)...

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