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Messerschmitt Bf109G-6, Hasegawa 1/32

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Hi All!


I bought this kit dirt cheap, many, many moons ago in a little hobby shop far from home.

It was more than 50% off because there were no decals ( my guess is someone wanted just the Hartmann decals), but  there´s no shortage on 109 decals and I got a nice kit for pocket money.


Very nice boxart from the great Shigeo Koike….






I have collected a lot of  goodies during these years…





I started (as always with Hasegawa Kits) by gluing the tail section to the fuselage, perfect fit this time.










Some minor assemblies glued…






This box was lingering in my stash without decals for years, then I got my eyes on this Mask set from Montex, and I bought it on the spot!


Yes, I´m a sucker for weird and colorful schemes and I love this Swiss Neutrality scheme!





I will do option number 1, J-705, and yes I know it has the “wrong” type of rudder, but I WANT to do this option!










It´s a bit scary as I have never painted any markings yet, we´ll see how that goes!


More to come soon!



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First thing I usually do when I start a Hasegawa kit is glueing the fuselage halves with their respective tail part.







On this kit the fit was almost perfect!






I have done as many smaller assemblies as I can, but there´s not so many on this kit.





The wings have round gear bays, but the original had squared off , you have to do it yourself in the usual Hasegawa tradition….


 First one done….






 ...and the second one....






The cooler grills in place….






The chin cooler painted Alclad Aluminium…














More to come soon


Stefan  :beer:


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