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A Zero and Stuka - The tale of 2 kits……maybe.

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It’s been my intention to take part in all of 2023’s group builds, I’ve found that my output has increased. And in turn, helping to reduce my stash. 
I did have to acquire the Stuka, but the Zero was already in the to do pile. 

I plan to build both alongside each other, with the option to switch to just the Stuka if I reach the point I’m not completing two. 


As with my other WWII subjects, I will be building blind, and ignorant to any accuracy issues, apart from trying to achieve relative accuracy in the exterior paint finish. 

With that all said, here’s what I got to play with.


The Stuka has some aftermarket prop, and exhaust parts. I’ll be using stencils for the insignia, the decal ones have yellowed a fair amount.


The Zero has a few more goodies for me to play with. 
A HGW rivet set, which includes seat belts and masking. On top of that are some Master gun barrels. 



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53 minutes ago, BradG said:

Nice choices there. I did the night attack Stuka in 1/48, doing the paint was fun stuff. I've been on the lookout for it in 1/32 to take another crack at it.

I was originally looking at Hase’ jets, but figured I have more than enough Vipers and Hornets. The old Skyhawk, F-5, or Starfighter kits didn’t really appeal.

The ‘spaghetti’ paint is what appealed with the Stuka. It’s a totally new challenge for me to attempt. 

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As I wait for some parts to arrive for the Stuka, I thought I’d make a start with the Zero.

I’ve done some base paint work in the cockpit, the seat, and will be getting to work on the pilot later on today. 
First job, is putting down some Mitsubishi interior green. AK Real Colour 306.



For both of these builds, I’ll be departing from my usual route of MRP paints. For a couple of reasons, finances have taken a bit of a hit recently so I’m not in a position to source a whole heap of  Luftwaffe RLM’s and IJN paints.

I do however, have a stack of those colours from the AK Real Colour range, so I’ll be using what I’ve got. I don’t really know how accurate these are, but they’re what I have available without buying. 


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I’m in a bit of a black hole at this moment in time. Severe financial restrictions have resulted in a halt to all works currently. As amazing as my budget director is, in allowing my purchasing…….even I’ve had to acknowledge the situation and cease the purchase of everything, including the basics to keep me going. 

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Sorry to hear about the "tightening of purse-strings", Pete. As I'm sure you know, there are plenty of other folk in a very similar situation to yourself. 


I'm looking forward to seeing how both builds progress, once things have got sorted out for you. 





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2 hours ago, Stokey Pete said:

After taking a fair bit of time away from the bench, I can say that this one is definitely it gonna make the deadline. Could it be moved to WIP please? 




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