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AIMS Foreign Bf 109s and Data Plates

Pastor John

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AIMS New Bf 109 decals! After a long wait I finally have to offer my latest Bf 109 decals and the quality is amazing - I can almost read the writing on the 1/24 data plates haha! As you know I stopped doing private orders apart from the odd 1/32 Ju 88 conversion due to my hands but I do need to get some money back on these new sheets quickly and so if you are eager to get on with a 109 kit here is what to do - my hands cannot be emailing back and forth and I cannot write the addresses and so my wife will do that. If interested please pay into my paypal the correct sum in 'British Pounds' and the address to use is... aimsmodels1@gmail.com
Include your address and product number in the paypal note box
32D033 Foreign 109's -£13.50 plus European Union shipping total = £18.50
Rest of the world total £20.50
32D034 Bf 109 data Plates and Engine Numbers - £8.00 plus European Union shipping total = £13.50
Rest of the world total £15.50
Special combined offer with EU shipping - £22.50
Special combined offer rest of the world - £24.50
24D002 Bf 109 Data Plates and engine numbers - £11.00 plus EU shipping - £16.00, rest of the world total is £18.00
Best wishes and thanks - please read carefully - include your address and product numbers - and pay in British Pounds - thanks everyone - enjoy. My hands are terrible at the moment - 2 years now! on the 12th October I have the first ever appointment with someone here in Hungary that knows what do do about Kinebock Disease so I still do not know what stage it is at sadly. It is very frustrating but others are in a worse state than me! Bye for now. 
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