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Trumpeter 1/32nd scale F/A-18F Super Hornet

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              My good friend, The Mongoose, wanted to go head to head on these builds. The only thing that I added was the Big Ed set for the Revell kit. With some slight modifications, I was able to use all of the photoetch on the Trumpeter Kit.

         This was a very interesting kit to say the least. I had larger gaps than Chris did. (Even after shaving off alot of plastic). As Chris pointed out, the instructions were at times very confusing. I choose to do the Jolly Rogers VFA-103 scheme.

            Rather than use the yellow kit decals for the top of the rudders, I chose to airbrush it on instead. The center drop tank did not have the decal stripes to Match the fuselage. I airbrushed a design on the tank as well.

              Trumpeter gives you a small box of ordinates to choose from. I replaced some of it with leftover ordinance from a 1/32 scale Academy F/A-18D that I had built some months ago. 
            As far as the display base, I wanted to build something new. I chose to pose the F/A-18 taxiing towards the catapult over the arrester cables. I used 100 grit sandpaper for the surface. I used 1/32 scale aircraft tiedowns from Tom’s model works. The cables themselves are thread from my local model store used for ship rigging. The leaf springs that suspend the cable above the deck were made from leftover photoetch.

             The deck was painted with various shades of Tamiya gray. To simulate skidmarks, I cut slots in plastic sheet, then airbrushed tire black.

            Chris has some amazing painting skills. The digital camouflage scheme is right up his alley. It will look fantastic.


Chris B

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I was able to follow the link to pics now so that works. Some great shots there for sure. Love the forced perspective ones especially. The whole thing looks awesome. One of my favorites is toward the end looking right into the intake - Shows the skill of the builder there! Just a great build overall :beer4: 

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Your  photographs  of your build on Flickr  are superbly taken. 


Your Super  Hornet is most Impressive  with amazing  details . .  :wub:

Love the base  , the flightpath and the flight deck chief in his resplendent  bright yellow jacket.

The overhead shot of the pilots on the cockpit shows how skilful you are. The model is PHENOMENAL. 

AWESOME  build.

:wow:   :bow:

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