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1/32 Revell Spitfire from the Shelf of Doom

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I started this one 12 years ago, was planning on making it a forced perspective shadow box dio. This is the 1967 Revell kit, I scratched the cockpit and wheel wells. Had it all pretty much finished when I decided to drop it breaking the internal framing of the engine compartment. I tried fixing it, but my attempts looked like it was glued back together with Bird snot. So, I shelved it. Thanks for the GB to get it going.









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Here are some glamour pictures of the finished Spitfire Mk.I, 92nd Squadron, Biggin Hill, September 1940. 92nd Squadron's motto is "Either Fight or Die", I apply that motto to my Hobby as well, "Either Build or Die"

Thank you for all the kind comments.



















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John, nice job on a very old kit. I also love to “revive” the older kits. I have a question. It looks like in one of the photos the engine looks just like the Hasegawa P-51. Is it, or it’s that the kit engine? Either way, the engine looks good.



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Hi Jim, it is the kits engine, both Aircraft shared the Merlin engine, the Mk.I was a early version of Merlin 40-45 and the P-51 had the 60 series built by Packard. It's too bad all that work got buttoned up due to me breaking the supports during construction. 


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