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New airscale products - Prop Logo's and re-mastered full colour RAF Instruments


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Hi everyone :)


I have a bunch of new products coming out in the next few weeks and the first two are ready to order


First up, Prop Logo's


1/24 @ £10.95

1/32 @ £9.95

1/48 @ £7.25


Each set includes:

Individual Propeller manufacturer logos and specification decals in 1:48 scale are designed for kit, modified or scratch built models and represent many prop manufacturer logos found on piston powered WW2 military aircraft

Suitable for both Allied & German aircraft, featuring manufacturers like Hamilton Standard, Rotol, DeHavilland, Curtiss, Aeroproducts and VDM.

Each logo is separate on the decal sheet with a minimum of carrier film

Fully illustrated instructions














...and also as our RAF set was one of the first sets we ever released, I wanted to remaster them with additional instruments and most importantly in full colour, these have come out really well..


1/24 @ £8.25

1/32 @ £7.25

1/48 @ £6.25


Each set includes:

Instrumentation as found in the Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito and common to most RAF types

Instruments for flight control, navigation, engine, oxygen and ancillary management

Each instrument is separate on the decal sheet with a minimum of carrier film

Includes a small sheet of optically clear replacement simulated instrument glass

Fully illustrated instructions











I hope they are a welcome addition to our hobby :)


Next week will see two more new releases in the 1/24 Harrier GR1 / 3 PE panel & decal set for the airfix kit and the 1/18 Fw190-A8 PE & Decal cockpit upgrade set for the Hobbyboss kit, shortly followed by a range of Seat Belts for RAF, USAAF & Luftwaffe aircraft in 1/32 & 1/24


busy times :)


All the best



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