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Precision Applicator for CA Accelerator - Recommendations?


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I have a bottle of CA accelerator that has the pump spray cap. I always take the cap off and dab the siphon tube against whatever I am working on. I have been shopping around for precision applicator bottles, but was curious if anyone has a setup that they would care to share.


Thanks in advance,


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Timely question. I use a microbrush with my ancient bottle of Zip Kicker. 

You could check into getting a glass syringes with dispensing needles.

A disposable syringe MIGHT work but I'm not sure if it will with you accelerator. You can get those at a pharmacy.

You might also ask THIS GUY, he's an LSP sponsor too.

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On 9/14/2021 at 1:07 PM, Wurzacher said:

There is no need to actually touch the CA with the accelerator. I dip a brush (any will do) in the accelerator and hold it near to the CA. Then a careful blow of the accelerator fumes over the CA, and presto!


I just had that happen to me and I though "that's odd", so my suspicions are validated. So I guess one of these will do the trick.


LATE EDIT: Of course you'll have to cut off the part of the tube that extends down into the bottle so that when you squeeze the bottle only fumes come out. Otherwise, well you know.


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I made a CA accelerator applicator like this:




using one of the CA bottle fine tip extenders and the squeeze bulb from an eye dropper.  I often decant a wee bit of accelerator into a small mixing cup first and take what I need from there with this applicator just so I don't have a large bottle sitting open on the workbench waiting to be knocked over.


cheers, Graham


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