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Well, here goes. DFW Built the C.I in 1914, so she fits in right at the beginning of close air support. These were the aeroplanes, together with Rumplers and Halberstadts that started to work out what it was all about.


So far, I've ordered an engine:




A Lukgraph Benz Bz.III. It's a start!


I'd be interested to know about books that cover this early two seater, so if you know of one - shout out!



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19 minutes ago, RLWP said:


Tell you what. While we are waiting for parts to arrive why not make yourself comfortable?:





You have excelled yourself here .....but where is the plate of cucumber sandwiches ??

Can't expect a chap to loaf without refreshment ? 

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  • 2 weeks later...

More purchasing:




A block of Lime wood.


and inside that block, I found this!!




which with a bit of sanding turned into this:




There was another purchase too, a sheet of 0.3mm aluminium sheet:




For making upper panels:




I'm not convinced by this sheet, it isn't very malleable. I suspect Litho plate is going to be a better choice



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29 minutes ago, Panzerwomble said:

Not wishing to teach egg sucking , but I've found thin copper sheet  easier to work ?


I'm on new territory here, I have some litho plate coming and have ben considering copper too. Mainly because I can easily anneal it


So, how do you suck an egg?




And why would you want to??

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