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I have looked everywhere including Revell trying to find He 162 windscreen and canopy

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40 minutes ago, Rick Griewski said:


Please stop buying kits with parts missing.  LOL.  

You don't need to buy kits with missing parts. That's not the sort of kit you're looking for. Now move along.

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Ebay sometimes has individual sprues up for sale when someone stuffs up a kit so you may want to keep and eye on there. Or, have you tried the trading board here?  I hope that helps.


Best regards,


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Jumping on Paul's reply above.  I bought a 1:32 Revell wing for the He 162 for a future project.  All on eBay.  The canopy is rather simple.  The fwd screen has no external framing whatsoever ever.  Good luck oyoy5!  


I see someone in the trader forum already wants your offering.  If that deal falls through......contact me, plz.....thx!

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Have you tried contacting John Wilkes? (Tigger Models). ID Models used to make a 1/32 vacform He-162, so John may well have the mould for it and could therefore make a canopy pull for you?



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17 hours ago, oyoy5 said:

Correct there was not a 1/32 He 162 canopy ever made other than the kit one.

Honestly, I've never done it but I was going to buy this and learn how to vac form a replacement canopy. It would be interesting to learn the technique.  



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