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Lukgraph Hawker Nimrod MK.I 1/32 resin kit

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Hi, this is the first time I will post on this forum and since I already posted it elsewhere was a bit hesitant of sharing it here, but I was encouraged to do so so here goes... I will start with the first part I posted before and then wil post the second part current later to catch up or my first post will be to long... I started working on the Lukgraph Hawker Nimrod MK I and this is actually my first 1/32 kit in decades and then a resin biplane as well. I actually started building 1/48 aircraft and now 1/32 because 1/72 was getting to small for my eyes… and then I found myself making tiny little bolts out of 0,5 mm alu tube with a length of the bolt of 0,3mm for the gun attachment.… and I lost a lot since I could not see them and lost them.


For those interested, there are some shots of what I did in the cockpit till now, as I originally did not plan to do a WIP I did not document each phase. Still I made a couple of shots now and then to showed a friend and he asked if I would consider showing them, so here they are. There is some PE in the kit but I decided I wanted a busier office so a lot of scratch building was necessary. Actually, the only PE I used here is the instrument panel but I made the bezels out of Brass tube because photographs show them with bezels and the PE is a bit flat.


Since I provided photographs to aid in the development of the kit I have good documentation to refer to. So as usual I started with the cockpit and had to replace 3 parts of the 3D printed cage that were not fully printed. Oh well, almost everything was either changed a bit or scratch build with different success. 


Still a lot to do, ammo chutes perhaps and some piece of the fuel tank behind the instrument panel... Just a note, the 3D printed parts show the ridges only when you put primer on them. That stuff is so hard that it is difficult to correct by sanding. The panel behind the pilot seat showed the ridges very clearly. Sanding sticks did not work as well as I hoped. When I put primer on it there were still ridges visible after an extended sanding session. In the end I used my Proxxon tool with a small grinder stone and I finally got a nice smooth surface after passing a last time with a sanding stick. You can still see the 3D effect in the surface of the seat. I did thin the edges of the seat with the grinder in the Proxxon tool. In general the 3D parts are a little rougher than what we are used to with resin but they offer the possibility to ad details in a kit we otherwise might not get.


If you look at the 3D printed cage you can see ridges too but it will sit very low in the fuselage zo I doubt it will be visible. The instruments on the outside of the cage are les detailed since you cannot see them because they press against the sides. I will add the Sutton A harness of RB productions later. Not perfect but I hope you like it… in reality it looks better than on the photographs.


IMG_4997 web


D800 210121 Hawker Nimrod MK I web 0004


IMG_5230 web


IMG_5244 web


D800 210121 Hawker Nimrod MK I web 0024


IMG_5201 web


IMG_5243 web


IMG_5137 web


IMG_5238 web


IMG_5325 2 web




IMG_5328 2 web


IMG_5336 2 web

Those are milimeters : 1,5mm


IMG_5339 2 web



IMG_5341 2 web


CRW_3406 web


IMG_5438 web



IMG_5433 web


IMG_5434 web


IMG_5439 web


IMG_5432 web


CRW_3407 web



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19 minutes ago, TimHepplestone said:

Absolutely lovely work :clap2:. If you don’t mind me asking, what brand of paints did you use for the copper and brass in the cockpit? Looking forward to seeing more. 

Thank you :D Brass and copper are either real copper or brass, but the painted brass parts were done with Alclad. I tried MRP brass but did not like the result and overprinted it with Alclad. Pity, I really like MRP paints but the brass colour is not so realistic.

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17 minutes ago, mozart said:

So glad to see you here Glijn!!  A wonderful start as Brian has said, I'm so looking forward to seeing more.

Thank you Max! I will post the second party in a couple of days! 

I can only work on my models in the weekend so my builds tend t take a long time! It will get better in summer when I will take my pension :D

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Here is the second part of my Lukgraph Hawker Nimrod MK I build. The cockpit interior is finished now and I am ready to close the body. I added gun feeds, the cockpit hatch closing bar and many more details. For the seatbelts I used the RB Productions Sutton A Harness. Hope you like it!


IMG_5725 web


IMG_5685 web




IMG_5706 web


IMG_5694 web


I replaced the provided fire extinghuiser with a scratch build one to better represent a brass-bodied Pyrene fire extinguisher filled with Carbon Tetrachloride for aircraft. The one in the kit is a modern version.


IMG_5686 web


IMG_5742 web


IMG_5745 web



IMG_5737 web


Dry run without glue

IMG_5757 web


IMG_5765 web

The hatch mechanism, check with the model photograph above and the real photograph below. It actually worked but I decided to glue it in position out of fear it would have too much strain by moving it.


CRW_3408 web


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Well done Glijn, that looks superb!  I'm not far off getting to this stage with my Fury so there's some really useful bits and pieces that I can use from your Nimrod, though I'm not attempting to make mine as detailed......been down that track a few too many times! :wacko:

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