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Happy New Year all!

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I spent the last 12 hours of 2020 and so far all of 2021 in the emergency ward of a Geneva hospital because my 12 year old daughter had to undergo emergency surgery. She is now well and the doctors, nurses and admin staff did and are still doing an amazing job taking care of her. Always scary to see your children go for full anesthesia, you just hope for the best and be grateful when they wake up. 

Best wishes for a healthy 2021.



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Hope your young daughter is well and doing good. 

Happier new year to you et al.


Gentlemen  Happy New  Year from Sunny and warm Fiji.

I am already into 2nd January 2021 and well I think 2021 may hold the key to good luck in love and health  and prosperity for one and all.{ WE will See :rofl:}.


I will say its pretty great to get through 2020 and leave all the bad things  behind. but those  WE lost won't be forgotten. 


Good  luck and have a super  2021...


Off to have a mango and coconut  drink.



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Thank you Gentlemen, we are now thankfully back home. My daughter is expected to make a full recovery but she is out of ice hockey for one month. She tried to negotiate with the doctor a shorter period but was told no. Now I am going to do three things in the following order: post long overdue progress pictures in the Training GB, cook the New Year Eve dinner that I was supposed to cook last night and then have a good night of sleep (my two year old daughter permitting).


All the very best to all of you and your family for 2021.



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9 hours ago, MikeC said:

Kind of puts other problems in perspective.  Best wishes to your daughter for a swift recovery. Happy New year to you and everyone on here.


Yea it does. It's so easy to get caught up in the "woe is me" sort of thinking, until you realize a lot of other folks have far greater and legitimate concerns. Here's hoping your daughter recovers fantastically.

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4 hours ago, Oldbaldguy said:

My kidney stone and I wish everyone the very best!

Well Oldbaldguy I guess you don't jest 

Take care if you will,

Have a wondrous New Year

And see you more in 2021, I Will!!






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