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20 hours ago, MikeMaben said:

Go ahead and paint it. If it doesn't turn out like you'd like, throw on the decals.  :thumbsup::popcorn:


17 hours ago, bdthoresen said:

I’m with Mike, give the painting a shot, worst case scenario is if it does not turn out like you had hoped, then use the decals.


Brilliant work so far!


THOR    :ph34r:


12 hours ago, Cicciuzzo said:

I would follow mike's advice;)


11 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Yep, paint the wood effect, try some different techniques, and as advised, if you don't like it throw on the decals and go from there.  


Thanks all.

I think I will try to practise on some plastic sheet first before committing to the model. 

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Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas day and gearing up for a better, safer and happier 2021! :lol:

bIn my previous post, I was in a dilemma on how to best deal with the faux wooden surfaces on the wings.

The kit provided decals were just completely inaccurate and were rejected from the beginning. 

I had narrowed it down to two options; use wood decals or do the whole painting myself.

The first option was later ruled out as the wood decals were just too "realistic" and completely missed the fake, rather cartoony look of the real thing.

So, I eventually bit the bullet and decided to do the effect myself.

After thorough cleaning of the model and priming in black, I started by painting the exhaust area in various metal colours. Then the front fuselage was painted in light gull grey while the rear area in Ukraine AF blue. Reference photos show the blue colour having been overspayed over the exhaust area creating quite a distinctive look which I tried to replicate as closely as possible. Both colours were from MRP.

As if the "wooden" wings don't give a wacky enough appearance to the plane, I also noticed that their leading edges as well as those of the horizontal stabilizers have extensive chipping with the metal construction showing through and adding even more to the whole crazy scheme. So, with the fuselage carefully masked, I proceeded to paint these areas with Alclad aluminum. I then used a small piece of sponge dipped in masking fluid to cover a few metal areas to replicate that chipping. With that done, I applied a base coat of Lifecolor light wooden stock and then used Tamiya red brown to pre-shade the panel lines. The faux wood grain was brush painted over two sessions, totalling four hours... With the main colours fully cured, I used 4000 grit sandpaper to smooth out the wing surfaces before applying a final coat of Tamiya clear orange to complete the effect. The masking fluid was finally rubbed off to reveal the chipped metal areas.

I think the overall painting turned out much much better than I expected and I'm glad I decided to take up the challenge! Next step will be to apply the decals to complete this, by all accounts, special scheme!

I will be taking a much needed break as my wife and I are expecting our first baby in mid January and will be travelling to her home country to deliver! Will be returning to this built in February again! 

Wishing everyone a happy New Year! :beer4:



































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14 hours ago, Neo said:

Wow this is ridiculously insane!! 


Amazing result im mind blown right now 

Trying to imagine how you made that wood grain with a brush




Thank you Neo!

The painting turned out easier than I expected but was quite time consuming.

I used the only single good pic of the top wing surfaces I could find as well as Dacoba's article as reference for the patterns.

I more or less copied Dacoba's technique for this. ^_^

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