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Visiting Rechlin Luftwaffe testcenter - Fw-189 (replica) images

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An aircraft that wasn't: Gotha Go-60.C




One of the German latewar projects and paperplanes. Someone with enough money in his wallet had this project build as a lifesize replica. Neat :speak_cool:

Now it's here at Rechlin to enjoy us. To be honest: I've been totally flashed when I saw it :punk: That's really something special you would never expect to see :yahoo:


Call it 1:1 scale modelling :coolio:








There are crew stations for the navigator and the radar operator build into the wingroots. Odd chois but it helped to keep cross section of the fuselage as small as possible.









- dutik

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Been there, done this. Twice :wicked:




A whole new lot of Rechlin photos incoming :punk: More 335, more 109, more 162, added on request Fw-189 cockpit photos (replica) and put on top some Mig-21 internals.


How I managed this? Just had a field day driving my pony car through the prairie :wicked:




Jepp, this is an ordinary road here in Mecklenburg/Germany. Just pray there is no oncoming bus... :ninja: (he did, some miles down the road :D ) The navigation system told me this was an official road and shortcut on the way to Rechlin :D


Stay tuned!

- dutik

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BTW, if you want to know why for Gods sake I've been driving through the middle of nowhere:




The dream of troy started right here, in the deepest province of Germany. That is the place (less the Trojan horse back than ;) ) where Heinrich Schliemann lived in his childhood, before he made it as a selfmade millionaire and excavated both Troy and Mykene. Our US friends will love this story: From one of nine childs of a poor German Lutherian pastor, always struggling with bad health, he made it from a merchantmans clerk in Amsterdam to the wealthiest merchant- and business man in Russia (with full russian citizenship), also went during the gold rush to california, founding a bank for prospectors and doubling his wealth doing so before returning to Russia (now as an US citizen too) for marriage and making more money during the Crimean war. Oh, well, he also returned to the the US to become divorced from his Russian wife at Illinois court. Not to forget that he traveled the whole world and climbed onto the Vesuv, the Great wall and the Himalaya before he started to excavate Troy... Not too bad for the child of a poor pastor :wicked:


So I visited the museum there in the middle of nowhere (which I can highly recommend, in case you paradrop one day over Germany...) before I pressed on to Rechlin to take more photos on your request :D



- dutik

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Conversion of a G-6 fuselage from Spain, using original parts of both a G-6 and G-12. Spanish airframe was from 1954. Rolls-Royce Merlin 500 engine. So it's more or less what the Germans did in wartime, minus the british engine of course ;)


There are also a G-6 (original), G-14 (original), Bf-108 (original), Fw-190 A-8 (original),  Fiesel Storch (original), Bücker 131 + 133, Po-2 (polish license), P-51 (original) , Piper Super Cub (original) Spitfire Mk.18 (original), Pilatus P-2 (original) and a Yak-3 (replica). Note that "original" by the german fighters means: shot down and rebuild later. All of them airworthy.


Nice collection, huh? :punk:

- dutik

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Bravo Dutic!   The pictures and back ground are well received.   I read about the Do-335 with some recently discovered original parts.  What a big aircraft.   They are still working on the display it seems?   Thanks for all the efforts involved getting us these pictures.  

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Do-335 B replica using original parts:






Left wing landing light:




Main fuel tank:










All bare metal parts are original parts salvaged from elsewhere. There are two details that are of an A instead of the B variant: The canopy lacks the side blisters abd the front wheel has a double- instead of a singlesided fork.



- dutik

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Going to the top of this page and back to the Gotha Go 60.C.  I can’t imagine laying in the prone position with the cannon barrels protruding just inches away from your head!   


I read about the He 162 A-1’s using the 30mm armament /weapons and being fired stressed out the pilots firing just below their legs and bum.   This is why you see many more 162 A-2 with the 20mm being produced.   I can’t imagine having your head just inches away like proposed in the Gotha concept.   

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Some more Do-335 images before we switch to the FW-189 cockpit:




Please remember: The original Do-335 front undercarriage had only ONE fork. The replica has two. Maybe this is was to maintain longtime rigidity of the UC.




The bomb bay doors are salvaged parts:




One more original part of the replica:






Check the skin segment at the top: Another original part. Also the main fuel tank. This is another one, not the tank shown above in the exhibition rooms.


And now for something completly different:




Do you recognise the distinctive shape?


Almost all museums show you the finished aircraft, or its remains, but not the production process. Here we have a set of original molds to shape sheet metal into intake scoops for the 335. These molds were salvaged from a production site. During the late war Germany had a shortage of specialized tools and machines for aircraft production, so they developed a number of substitutes like these concrete molds replacing die press tools. Dornier and the subcontractors used a good number of these devices, not only for the intakes, but the whole wing skin and other parts. These molds were salvaged from the former Heinkel factory area at Oranienburg near Berlin.









OK, now you have the molds. Somebody up here to make his own lifesize 335? Maybe in flying condition? :punk:



- dutik


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36 minutes ago, ringleheim said:

Hey Dutik!  There is a photo looking out the windshield of your car.


EDIT:  I think I have it!  A Toyota 86?  


Quite right. You know your stuff :D The rpm limit is at 7.400.



- dutik

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