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Visiting Rechlin Luftwaffe testcenter - Fw-189 (replica) images

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Hello, folks!


Paid a visit to Rechlin Luftfahrtmuseum these days. Rechlin was THE test- and evaluation center of the German air forces from the end of WW1 to the end of WW2. From Fokker to Focke-Wulf, so to say. After WW2 it became a Soviet air field, housing f. e. Mig-23s and Mig-27s. A part of the facilities was rebuild into a large communication equiment storage for the East German NVA. Another part was made into a shipyard building small fast attack crafts and modern lifeboats. Nowadays it is a museum about all 3 branches. Been there some years ago, but they recieved a plethora of new and amazing stuff. So it was about time for another visit, armed with my trusty camera:




You know what this is? Great news that is!


We have a Do-335 in Germany! The only original one is at Udvar in the US of A. We got a replica, using as much of original parts as possible.






Yes, it will be shown as a B with wing guns!

Dunno, why the image is sideways. The orignal image is upright.


Forgot to take a photo of the whole thing. I've got carried away by something different. Wait for the end of this post :punk:




Tank Ta-154 replica. Was build by cabinet maker apprentices from Paderborn (Germany) years ago as a training project.




DFS assault glider. Remember the Bronco kit? The type used to assault Eben Emanel fortress in Belgium.






This? Fokker D.VII without covering.

There is also a complete replica in full Lozenge wear. Not to mention a Dreidecker. A Junkers D.I replica. An Etrich Taube. Siemens-Schuckert D.III. Junkers F13. Replicas alltogether. Not to forget WW2 rebuilds: A Me-262 with some original parts. A rebuild He-162 Volksjäger. Reichenberg IV suicide bomb. Cockpit replicas of the Ju-388, Arado Ar-234, Me-109 and other stuff. A Buchon, rebuild into a 109 G2. A lot of engines. Like this one:




Hirth engine that powered the Bücker 131. If you want more photos to superdetail your ICM engine, just ask me. I have a full walkaround set.




This is the Lilienthal glider. Otto Lilienthal was the first human to build and succesfully fly an aircraft! Anno 1891 was this.

The story behind this rebuild is also amazing: It was built by an 14 years old schoolboy from Munich as a school project. He used the original Lilienthal drawings, that were made public by the Lillienthal brothers themselves. It took him a full year with a lot of ons and offs. Guess you know about this phenomenon ;)


Finally the very special and unique thing of the Rechlin museum that carried me away. Guess you know what this is?




Gotha Go-60. A very promising German late war project (the Luftwaffenministerium even had some real toughts to stop the Horten IX /Ho-229 fighter project in favour of this one). Due to it's layout fast and capable, with heavy armament (4x 30mm MG 108 firing forward, 4 more upwards) and a 3 man crew! Where the navigator and the radar operator were positoned? Lying in the left and right wingroots, with a small window in the leading edge :coolio:


Guess THIS is something you will not find in 1:1 scale anywhere in the world. Except in Germany :D




I have a lot of more photos if you are in need of images. Look here what stuff they have at Rechlin.


This was a very enjoable day, indeed! (not to mention cruising the Autobahn with 200 km/h speed the whole way :thumbsup: )



- dutik


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Awesome pictures.  Thanks for sharing.  

I use to work with Steve Udvar Hazy and spent a memorial 35 anniversary of his company at the namesake.  My wife and I spent an awesome-night inside his museum under the wings of the Do 335 Arado 234, the Enola Gay, Concorde, SR 71.   A black tie event to never forget.  An awesome person to work for.  



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Vielen Dank Dutik!  Sehr schöne Bilder und interessante informationen.  I have been to the museum in Gatow as well as Sensheim  and will have to get to Rechlin.  I did not know they had such interesting displays.


Thank you again!


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More photos as promised: Replica of a Junkers Ju-388 cockpit.


Take it with a grain of salt (guess junkers did not fix the front window with simple tongues :wicked: ), but instrumentation and wiring are interesting to watch if you own one of Pastor Johns conversion sets :thumbsup:





















- dutik

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Yes. The one that was at the Deutsches Technikmseum in Berlin. It's just borrowed for exhibition, but the Rechlin museum collects money to buy it. This is an original He-162, captured by the British Army in Germany, then on exhibition in Canada, later owned by a British, now back in Germany.


Hm, wasn't aware until very now that this is the real one. Thought it was just another replica. Interesting. Didn't take photos, because I have a lot of references at hand. Well, If Ihad known this before the visit I still would have crawled under the fuselage to take some photos of the UC bay and other parts...


I remember that I saw this one years ago in Berlin. The only photo from my Rechlin visit just for you:





- dutik

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1 minute ago, Troy Molitor said:

One of my favorites Dutik!  Thank you for posting all your pictures  I believe the Berlin example He 162 is certainly original and was in Canada for years without an engine however this example is a replica build based on many original components incorporated into the build.  My picture above is that of a replica He 162 panel with all period instuments put together while I was in exile in the Marina Bay in Singapore over the last few years.  Danke for the pictures!  


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