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Visiting Rechlin Luftwaffe testcenter - Fw-189 (replica) images

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Rechlin is showing a somewhat special Me-109 G2. The aircraft is property of the official German Luftwaffe Museum at Berlin/Gatow. It was build in Spain under licence by Hispano Aviation SA (HAS) in 1950 and flown by Spanish Air Force until 1968(!). When retired it was sold to an Air Force museum in Uetersen (germany). It was there later rebuilt with a DB-605 engine and converted into full German Me-109 G2 standard. The paint job shows the aircraft of Gruppenkommandeur (group commander) Major Gustav Rödel of II./JG 27, as flown until 1943 over North Africa and Italy.












Given the numbers of online 109 walkarounds I've made just some photos of the normally less visible areas and the stencelling.


ETC-500 center pylon (minus covers) of a 109:





- dutik

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Not from Rechlin, but the Polish museum Fort zachodni at Świnoujściu in Poland , wich is close to the German border. In fact, it was part of Germany before WW2, known as Swinemünde, so there are some former Prussian fortifications that were used also by the German Kriegsmarine during WW2 and later for some time by the Soviet Army. Most stuff is army and navy related (btw, it was the home port of the heavy cruiser DKM Lützow, which was sunken there by RAF Lancasters using Tallboys in 1945), but there are also a few airforce related parts, beside a collection of AAA guns. Odd fact: The fort was post-WW2 armed with a couple of US 5 inch/127mm turrets from destroyers. I wasn't aware that the Soviet Union got Lend-Lease destroyers armed with 127mm guns from the US Navy. But they show there proof of evidence: The side door of one of these US-made naval turrets.


OK, up to the aircraft stuff now:


Kaliningrad K-5, aka AA-1 Alkali, aka RS-1U radar guided AA missle. Used by Mig-17, Mig-19, Mig-21, Su-9, Su-15 and Shenjang J-6B.












400 l droptank of a Mig-21:






Next stop: More images from Rechlin.



- dutik

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Lets move ahead with a Cold War icon: The Mig-23.


Sidenote: Did you know that during the Afghan war one day a pair of Pakistani F-16s lined up into a strike pack of soviet Mig-23s? Flying side by side with bomb loaded soviet Mig-23s, with proper CAP of AA missle loaded Mig-23s above? They lost orientation between the mountains, saw an aircraft formation and lined in thinking this were their own... Not for long :D A lot of staring into both directions started. The CAP also took an angry look :fight:, but the Falcons were too close to the Floggers to shoot the intruders out of the air without harm to the own aircraft. Same for the Falcons: Too close to the Floggers to do anything :coolio: After a while te Falcons found an opportunity to swing away and run home to Pakistan unharmed by the Migs which went on to deliver their bombload to some less lucky Mujaheddins... ^_^






Ventral fin actuator:




Elevator actuator:






Watch the bare matal tip of the missle rail!




Rear end of the missle rail:




And from below:




I woild say, Zactoman did a very fine job with his replacement rails and intake splitters  :speak_cool:


More to come!



- dutik

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Cool. Didn't go there on my aviation museum trip through germany in 2013. Apparently there is reason to make another trip.


Is the Do335 from Herr Pflumm in Villingen-Schwenningen or is it another one? Some parts doesn't look the same, but of course they could have rebuilt it through the years.

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It's newly built. The fuselage is from 2018. Was there 2014. There were a lot less of aircrafts at Rechlin. They did a lot over the last years to improve the exhibition. It's worth another visit today.



- dutik

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Thank you for visiting and posting! You are welcome! :hi:


More to come the next days. On schedule for Thursday is a visit at the Panzermuseum Munster. Heavy Metal day, to say so :punk:Meeting some big kitties. Very big ones ;)



- dutik

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Maybe - it's not für sure, but maybe - I will visit Rechlin a second time the next few days.


I would take more photos of the Me-109, the He-162 and the Do-335 B-2. Also of the FW-198 cockpit replica. I still have a third set of Mig-23 photos, not yet published here.


Is there something in Rechlin you want to see more photos?







BTW, the He-162 is not a complete original one, but made to 40% of original parts.  Berlins Technikmuseum has an original one, but thats not on my travel list for this year.



- dutik

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Some photos of aircraft operations during soviet times. Mig-23UB and Mig-27:










Well-worn, i would say :D






Check out the low barbed wire obstacle to the left, covering the approach to the airfield!



- dutik

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