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Fred Jack

F101 Voodoo

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Talking about empty promises, what ever happened to Trumpeter’s promise to release all of the Century Series of jets at least a decade ago, this also included the Voodoo, which anyone living in the 50’s fell in love with, and it wasn’t just the name. It was a beautiful jet flying over, or just sitting on the ground.

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6 hours ago, ringleheim said:



We're nearly there, given about thirty years. 


In a parallel universe there's a firm called Topiya making almost perfect 1/32 Deuces, Thuds, Sixes and Voodoos. Each comes with working oleo titanium undercarriage legs, nano working cockpit displays, thought controlled flying surfaces and a topcoat-activated self-stencilling airframe.


So there!



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The Voodoo is a classic cold war fighter and long a favorite of mine. 3 different basic designs, all very cool.


Would love to see an IM model before I turn 100. Not holding my breath. 



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