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Revell 1/32 Fw 190. First build since 2001.

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13 minutes ago, Longbow_06 said:

Could you recommend one, by any chance ?



I dont use one, but did buy one just in case, as you never know................but I personally like the ones that are a bit more open and not so closed off on the sides, as it seems more comfortable to me. The more open type also feels lighter on your face, and you can wear glasses under them if needed.


I like this type that is a more open style, with full LED lighting, with multiple adjustment points, as well as 5 different lenses (1X,1.5X,2X,2.5X,3.5X) 







I would to some research and read reviews to see which set might best fit your needs. 



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Same idea as what Brian posted but this is what I use and can recommend...




It's a Carson Magnivisor and I got it from Amazon as well.  It comes with four magnifying lenses (1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x) and an LED light.  In my experience, the light is kinda useless and I don't use mine.  It can be removed along with the battery reduce the weight.




I use mine ALL of the time.  I can't imagine working without it.

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Okay... I seem to be having a paint issue. 


Here is is the firewall bulkhead. 




im using Vallejo paint, which I’m thinning with IPA, and it’s spraying and drying great. 

Unfortunately, a single touch on any edge removes the paint. 


Using acrylic paints, should I be adding a coat of varnish to seal the parts ?

should I be sanding every part to add tooth, for the paint ?


thanks for looking, and any suggestions !!



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In the meantime, I was able to get the wheel wells painter and weathered, and fixed to the lower wing. 

I did open up the ejection ports slightly, as they are quite small, and trimmed off the exhaust deflectors. On the kit the deflectors are quite large, but probably usable depending on your references. 




the grey is probably way too dark, but at the time I was concerned about losing paint, and wasn’t paying attention. 


Thanks for looking...



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