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  1. Gloss varnish is on.... i need to clean up the desk lol.
  2. Nose is done... having issues with the rudder though.
  3. All of the camouflage is on. Have to get the yellow, and then the main markings will be cut and painted.
  4. I was able to get the greys on. Sometines being off work is a good thing lol. Next is is the green... Found a great profile of III Sg 10.
  5. Light blue is on... i may admit to it to being impatient...
  6. i struggled to find something for the break line straps. I know a lot of you guys use thinly cut Tamiya masking tape. I ended up using a metal tape, that is used for insulated HVAC ducting. It has a sticky back, covered in brown paper. It worked great, and I just sealed it with some mat varnish prior to primer coat. https://i.imgur.com/BMAarlj.jpg
  7. Got a coat of Tamiya fine white primer on her, this morning. Hope to be painting later.
  8. The elusive RLM02. I ended up mixing some, to get close to s couple of pix of 109 wheel wells. The picture came out darker than it actually looks.
  9. I still need to weather the nose cone. I primed everything with Tamiya grey primer first. Hopefully that will hold the paint.
  10. Managed to get a little more done today. Hopefully more later lol.
  11. She looks Awesome !! Love the weathering !!
  12. Didn’t have much time to get things done, today. I just worked on the break lines.
  13. Thank you, gentleman.... I know it's not perfect, by a long shot, but as a first build in a long time I'm enjoying the process. Painting is still on my mind. I used to use Humbrol pants, living in England. I'm still tempted to try and get something different from the Vallejo, despite the fact that I love how they spray, I obviously shouldn't be using IPA as a thinner. I was able to pick up a couple of small bottles of the Vellejo thinner, yesterday, and may try a test shot at some point, this week. Thanks for stopping by.... Lee.
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