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Hasegawa 1/32 P-47D metallic brush texture surface


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To simulate the authentic visual expression of the natural metal finishing painted P-47D is the goal of this build.


I've collected hundreds of late WWII pictures and the restored and still flying P-47D.  Here are a few examples that I'm following:





This build started with the Hasegawa kit, with limited recessed panel line and the rivets only visible along these panel lines.  I've decided to proceed with manually riveting.  

The Line Drawing was downloaded from theblueprints.com https://www.the-blueprints.com/search/p-47d/



It's my first time of using this set purchased from eBay.com.  Unexpected challenges and mistakes were inevitable. 



Right after the riveting, I'd like to try the metallic brush texture commonly seen on the NMF airplanes.   I've applied

1) Alclad II Black Base / Microfiller

2) 400/600 Grit sanding - around the fuselage

3) 600 Grit sanding in the different directions on the wings which been divided into large blocks



Apply one more coating,  30% Alclad II Gloss Black Base + 70% Lacquer Thinner



Next steps is to apply the main color with the airbrush to each divided panels piece by piece.

The main color of this build is 70% Alclad II Duralumin +  30% Mirrow Chrome



I don't have the fine resolution of pictures to share at this point.  These 2 pics briefly present the idea.





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