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Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot A, Trumpeter 1/32

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Hi all!



I painted the tires with my usual mix of  Extra Dark Sea Grey (Hu.123) and Matt Black (Hu.33)….






More detail painting in the cockpit….












It was a chore painting all those small switches, It made me cross-eyed!








I went bananas with the wash, Artist´s oil paint, (50/50 Lamp Black/Burnt Umber) and mineral spirits) in the front wheel compartment, but I think It looks alright.








Not as much in the cockpit….























More to come soon…..





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Hi All!


Time to get some work on the engines….


Both engines painted and washed with my usual mix of artist Oil (Lamp Black/Burnt sienna and mineral spirit;

















Air inlets painted inside and outside…






A brief dry-run….


... WTF????






Oh well, Aires strikes again!


Aires makes wonderfully detailed stuff, but they never consider whether their parts will fit the designated kit or not!


The exhaust pipes must end at the end of the nacelle, so I had to cut the pipe quite a bit.


I had to remove a little more then 10mm (about ½ Inch) from the tailpipe to get a good fit.











The fit of the nacelles was quite good after some small adjustments, but it´s very tight!


Much sanding and polishing later, but no filler.











This is all you´ll ever see of the engine front….






…and the tailpipe….






Oh, well….


I KNOW they are in there, somewhere...


More to come soon….




Stefan  :)

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Hi All!



The Instrument panel from Eduard built;






It was a bit tricky to fit the Eduard panel in the Aires HUD, but I managed to get them together;






I was somewhat worried about the difference in color between the panel from Eduard and the Cockpit color from MRP.

But as You can see, It´s almost a perfect match!






Right side panel in situ;





…and finally, I can fit the cockpit tub in the right fuselage half.


Some small adjustments were needed with the help of some plasticard strips in the front of the tub.


I loaded her with a lot of weight, I´ll hope it will be enough!








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Excellent work Stefan!

The color does indeed match very well.

MRP paints are normally such a joy to spray, I usually will take an MRP color that may be a tad off and tweak it, before I go to another brand or type of paint.


Probably a bit too late now, but I have found spraying some semi- gloss or flat clear on the Eduard color PE panels, and then adding a drop of Future or in my case clear UV cure gel to the instruments can significantly amp up the realism of the panel.


Looking forward to more!

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Thanks guys!


A very good tip, Brian, I´ll save that for my next build!


Yes, I have come to love these MRP colors, easy to spray, they go down lika a skin, dry fast and they are both durable and covers very well.


I use them more and more....



Stefan :)

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Looking good. That will be more than enough weight, I actually forgot to put weight in my nose and it's not tail sitting.

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Hi all!



Time to get the fuselage together!


The fuselage halves fitted very nicely around the cockpit, I had to shave off a smidgen in the forward corner of the tub, then everything fitted perfectly!






Minimal sanding have been required so far…
















The fuselage and the engine pods are done and sanded….






Just to slap it together then, or…


NO WAY, a monumentual WTF moment ocurred…



What´s this????

It differs several millimeters here???








Not better on the underside….












The other side was much better, but still far from good….











Topside on the right nacelle fitted OK, at least something good…






OK, let´s get some serious tools, brute force and elbow grease out and get to work!






I had to cut and juggle around a lot and this was the best I could get on the left side…


A rather good fit on the topside of the nacelle but a rather nasty gap at the front on the bottom.






A lot of Tamiya Thin and squeeze together hard with a pair of clamps and a lot of tape.






Let´s see how it turns out when dry!






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I had the same issues with the nacelle fit. I found that drilling out the locating pin holes made everything fit fairly well. 

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Yes, the holes for the wheelbays were 2-3mm too low, I cut them out so I could get the nacelle in the correct position.


I removed the locating pins and let the depression in the fuselage guide the nacelle.


I can´t understand HOW I got so wrong, You can´t seat the wheelbays wrong in the nacelles either!


Oh well, problem solved, let´s move on!


Many years ago I bult the old Kopro kit in 1/48th and I got a serious case of dejá vu when I saw the Trumpeter kit!


Yep, Trumpeter  kopied the old  Kopro 1/48th scale kit and made their own 1/32nd kit from that, albeit more detailed.


...but the Kopro kit do have the missing pylon! :hmmm:


Stefan :)

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Hi all!




Well, the left nacelle in place, no gaps here….







But a really ugly gap here…







…not very tidy in the front section, but the rear part became quite good.






I´ll fill that gap in the front with pieces of plasticard later, that´s an easy fix and I´m very satisfied so far.






Time for the next wrestling match!










This time it was almost a perfect fit, only minor adjustments needed.


Even the underside turned out really good!






Minimal sanding required…











More to come…




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