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The Madhatter

Tamiya 1/24 Calibra DTM - "The Beast In Black"

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hi guys


Here's another side project I have just finished - Tamiya's Opal Calibra DTM. Heavily inspired by the Zakspeed version (as well as Need For Speed cars), I went for a matte black colour. I'm not normally a "Matte Black car" kinda guy, but I do think it looks the part on this machine. I build this once before when I was in my very early twenties in red after seeing one like it in London but I had all the skills of a novice and it looked terrible

I modified the rear diffuser and and paddle shifters - stolen from a Aventador PE Set - to the wheel (no manual box for me)

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.


Anyway, enough talking, time for pics:






















I would LOVE to get the Revell BMW M3 DTM kit to do the same but it's rarer than rocking horse pooh. Maybe one day I'll find one or they'll re-release it (hopeful but unlikely)

Well, that's all I have. Back to the Star Destroyer this weekend and I'll try to finish the bridge section

Thanks for looking



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I hadn't realised I had not replied to anyone yet - my apologies. Thank you to all for your kind feedback

Until recently, I had never been a fan of Matte Black - but my tastes seem to have changed somewhat without me realising it

I got lucky a couple of days ago and got myself a Bruno Spengler 2012 BMW DTM as well as the Corvette C7R - both Revell kits. Neither kit will be what the box gives you :punk:

They will be in at home by the time I get back to Oz

Thanks again guys


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