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1/48 KC-130J Harvest Hawk Done


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Hi all, it's been a while, I started this project back in February 2017 and managed to get 6 weeks done before commission work took over. By that time most of the hard work was done which just left the painting to do, well for the most part.
I was working to copy VMGR-352 QB-6762 as I wanted to make sure I was working to an existing Harvest Hawk, I managed in the end to find some good reference material for 762 and I like the colour scheme so that was the final choice.
I have had a bit of free time between commissions so the last two weeks I have got stuck in again.

To recap, all the raised panel lines have been re scribed (Never Again, seriously!!):BANGHEAD2: and I have used the Attack Squadron Harvest Hawk Conversion set which covers the AN-AAQ-30 Targeting Pod and the Hellfire Rack. I ended up using the Eduard AGM-114 Hellfire set as this was far more accurate. The Attack Squadron parts also included some very nice wheels, fuel pod, sponsons and most importantly replacement engines to correct the grim kit ones.
I was tempted to use the rather nice Attack Squadron flap set but unless I was doing an inflight diorama or a maintenance diorama it was pretty pointless as the flaps would be level in reality so that idea was quickly scraped.
There were a fair number of other modifications including the port parachute door which needed two launch tubes for the GBU-44 Viper Strike and GBU-176 Griffin Missiles, various windows have been filled and re positioned and the addition of the FCS Optics module either side of the parachute doors.
Decals are a mixture of the kit decals and the Flying Leatherneck set, this with a little work gave me all the required numbers for the airframe in question. The walkway decals were the wrong colour and way to wide so I have masked and sprayed them on.
Finished up yesterday.
Thanks for Looking
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2 minutes ago, Dave Roof said:

Awesome job Danny! Do you mind if I use some of your photos on my web site?

Yes Dave, no problem, nice decals mate, a little softener and they pulled down perfectly, I had to do a bit of cutting to get the bund numbers I needed but that was just the specifics of the paint scheme, 511 is Hawk but if you ever make new batch another Hawk or two would be great.





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