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Hi everyone, well still not made a model all year!!!!!! Every time I pick up a model I want to design a product instead!!!! Anyway CLEAR RESIN - its taking a while sorry - so long to de-mould and the person making them for me was away and so less the half the promised quantity materialised. Don't worry you will get a canopy if you paid for one - I won't let you down. In the mean time I got bored with Photo-Etch and wanted to do a decal sheet; as we all know there are not enough Bf 109 decal sheets available (lol) - I wanted to add to the problem with my own little collection which I will also do in 1/72 and 1/48 (sorry for using bad language) Anyway enjoy. Little tweaks to do here and there on the profiles but i am happy on the whole. Please note W Nr on White 7 and also Yellow 9 is fictitious but from the correct block for that factory. And yes I did all the correct dates underneath Muller's victory bars!


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