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Hobby Boss 1/18 Fw 190 Sprue shots etc...


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1/18th scale and 110 pieces, looks to me to be little more that a 48th scale model that wen thorough a "scale me up" machine , heck even the Revell 32nd 190 has a full engine, engine bay  a a load more detail than this monster 

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Bummer. No outboard guns, plus centerline and outboard underwing racks equals one of the early F or G variants - not a standard A-5. The lack of proper inner/outer gear doors, the rounded inner wheelwell and lack of outboard cannon bulges/barrels leaves one without many options. 


The rest looks ok to me. Soft and sparse detail, maybe, but nothing jumps out as grossly inaccurate at first blush. Well, with the possible exception of the molded-in-place main wheel wells which are not shown well in the images on that page. Anyone that has ever built an Fw 190A/F/G knows not much can be seen past the cooling fan, so the lack of a full engine makes perfect sense (see also Hasegawa's exceptional '190 kits). I never did get all excited about high parts counts for the sake of lots of parts, so that isn't really an issue either. 


The separate port fuselage side piece might indicate their intention to produce an A-4 kit (which had a smaller radio access hatch) in the future. But, unless they add the proper outer bulges, barrels, wheel wells and doors for that one, it'll once again be relegated to one of the early F/G versions. 



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