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Aurora 1/72 Piper Aztec

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Some years ago, a gentleman wandered into my work carrying a number of old vellum drawings under his arm.  He wanted to scan them on our large format printer, and I put my hand up for the job.  Turns out they were real gems of drawings - there were 9 original drawings of TAA liveries for different aircraft....3 x DC-3's, a Cessna 182, a Cessna 180 belonging to the Bureau or Mineral Resources, a DeHavilland Drover, a DC-6, a Bell 47J2, and the subject of this project, a Piper Aztec.  So naturally I made copies for me  :)




The Aurora kit has painting guides engraved into the plastic, so the first thing to do was to fill them in.  They're not quite finished yet, but getting there..




I also painted the cockpit/cabin in what I think are appropriate colours.  Meh, they'll do....although I'm going to paint the floor a shade or two darker, I think.



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Done a little more work on the Aztec today..


Firstly, I repainted the cockpit floor a darker blue, and drybrushed a bit of light gull grey over the top to give a little contrast.



Next, I painted the interior colours - Gunze off white and light gull grey



Finally, the instrument panel in Tamiya semi-gloss black and drybrused Gunze off white.



Now I need to deaden the gloss on the seats, cockpit floor, and interior.  The thing is, I'm always having trouble with the Gunze clear coats - they always make the colours run.   Normally I thin them with laquer thinners....should I be spraying them neat?

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Just to give you an idea of what I'm up against...




And here you can see the sink marks a bit better....I've started sanding the RH side windows.  The LH side is done for now - I sanded the marks off the inside, then separated the windows into individual pieces.  This will allow me to position them proud of the fuselage, then sand them flush.



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LH windows done, RH on the way.  I had a little difficulty positioning the RH windows because I sanded a little too much around the edges, so they fell through the openings.  Yes, I dropped all 3 windows at one time or another....but the carpet monster must've been on holiday..


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Don't forget the struts in the cockpit, the Aztec is a tubular steel fuselage with a skin wrapped around it to make is aerodynamical... damned things, I hate working on them. But there are two visible struts inside the windscreen. Picture off the web, copyright the photographers, the tubes would often have a leather padding wrapped around them to protect the pilots in a crash.






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