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Thomas Lund

Everything but the kitchen sink (1/32 Fw190D strip down)

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Hi Guys


I know I've been somewhat absent for a while - a lot of stuff has gone on, but now it seems I'm on the other side of that. Not that I haven't been modeling so expect to see some 'Ready for inspection's as soon as I get around to taking some pictures.


Also my Ki-45 is off the shelf, I suspect that me doing that was the final straw for SwS so they had to pump out their. Puts a little stress on as I want to finish it before they release theirs :-)


Anyway - here is my new project. I've had an urge to do a completely stripped down Bf109 (yes the Messerschmitt) for years and I've collected drawings and pictures for that. But somehow I ended up with a boatload of stuff for a Fw190D so that's what I'm starting now.




Ok the kit is the Hasegawa kit naturally. And for that the Aires total detail set with full engine, cockpit, wing and fuselage gun bays, wheel wells and rear fuselage insert. I didn't examine too hard what was in that kit so some of the stuff I got might be redundant. If I decide not to use it, it will be saved for a later 190. I got an extra jumo 213 engine from Aires because I have a cunning plan with that one. From Eduard I got canopy masks, inspection hatches, placards, exterior (perhaps redundant) and flaps. From HGW I got control surfaces (anyone got experience with those?) and seat belts. Finally I got Quickboost exhausts, air scoop, gun barrels and control stick


Can anyone spot that I'm on a "don't buy new kits, but accessories are ok" trip :mental:


The plan is to either go for a factory construction scene or a maintenance scene - haven't decided yet. Everything that I can get info on is going to be opened up. I know that won't be realistic in either the factory or maintenance settings, but I don't really care. I'd rather do a unreal 'real' scene than a sterile plane on a sterile base.


I plan to get the HGW rivet set as well and some resin wheels. If I decide to go for a maintenance scene I'll get some decal too (maybe or just paint it)


Spend last night cutting an awful lot of holes in that nice plastic - pictures will follow

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I will be interested in the results when using the control surface fabric "decals" with the peel away carrier.


I tried the P-47 stencils from HGW. Did not work at all on an Alclad surface, but was fine on a regular painted surface. Actually that's really annoying since I think that no carrier film would be a hit on NMF finishes. I plan to get their rivets which is same technology


Good job with the Ki-45 by the way.


As in "thanks for getting you guys a IM Ki-45" ?? Hmmm thanks I guess :-) :-)

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