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Korean War MiG-15bis (flown by Russian Ace)

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 OK, folks, time to have some fun with a MiG. With any luck at all, this will be one of my entries in the 2017 convention in Omaha. Standard Trumpeter kit, with added AM ‘pit, weapons, landing gear, wheels (Profimodeller if I can find any), flaps detailed (still thinking on that one), Grey Matter tail, markings of Russian ace Major PV Minervin, 16th IAP (or similar).


I'll still be trying to wrap up a Tony I'm working on, but I'll be playing with this too. I've already photographed the daylights out of the kit for the eventual review I'll be doing, but need to finish the Skyraider review first.



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nice Kev, I look forward to this. Hope that extra sheet of PE will be usable for ya.


I certainly hope so, Shawn. It certainly can't hurt any. I already see a few parts I can use, and I downl;oaded the instructions today too.


Should we tandem build Kev? I can start mine as well.


Mine will drag on for some time, as I'll be working on several projects at the same time, but we could certainly start out now.

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Speaking of the MiG, I've already done some simple stuff today, starting off with assembling the wings. It needs to be done sooner or later anyway, and I really like to have things like this to work on (sanding and polishing) outside during the pleasant weather that's rapidly approaching.



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Does anyone make a good pilot for this bird?


Possibly, but I won't be using one.


Mirror with white lines Kev??  Glad there is no razor blade showing or it would look just like the movies! :whistle:


I made sure to get rid of all the powder before I took the photo. :)


:rofl: I ALMOST said something about that..........Harv


For whatever reason, when Ron said that, I immediately thought of Al Pacino in Scarface.

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Through the good graces of a fellow member, I've snatched a BB 'pit set for this effort. I was eyeballing a set of Profimodeller landing gear doors (the kit ones are peppered with pin marks), but haven't yet decided to commit to those or not. I'll definitely be slapping some G-Factor brass gear on it though.



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