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Hello All!


Here is the progress on the new propellor blade and hub.


I added a bit of material on the leading and trailing edges to increase the cord of the blade.

At the root I added a bit of material because it looked a bit skinny compared to the rest.


The tip of the hub has been cut to be replaced by a bit of styrene tubing, the round end is an Airsoft pellet

attached with CA. The hub is modified also with putty to smooth the shape.




I will post the last 2 photos later as I seem to be unable to link those when in Photobucket...




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Thanks a lot guys!


 The prop still needed a final sanding before making the mold Thursday. I cut it open this morning and

 I will cast the 3 needed tomorrow.


 I made some progress on the Cyclone engine:


 I glued a styrene disk in the back of the Hasegawa casing to support all the cast cylinders.




Next, to be certain of the alignment of the cylinders, I drew lines 40 degrees apart (360' divided by 9) and made marks on the styrene

disk all around.




I will add all cylinders, all shimmed to be at the correct position on the casing.


I have molded half cylinders only because the baffles between each will hide the other side anyway.




Here is a quick view of the engine assembly as it was before I glued on the second cylinder. Still many details to add. The only thing finished is the hub.




Here is a closer view of the hub, painted black. I used Tamiya Tire Black for scale effect.


There are so many little bits added on this part...and it ends up looking just like a stock kit part!






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Hello all!

That you again!

The props are now cast and primed. These will be natural metal in front with the US Navy warning stripes

that are (from outside) red, yellow and black.

The back will be flat black.




The basic engine with all the cylinders in place:




The front part of the engine before adding all the appropriate Cyclone details:




The little baffle which directs the air close to the cylinders. I will again cast 9 copies of it (way to lazy to sculpt all 9).




Getting close to completing the engine! Here are most of the basic details in place, next the push rods and wire harness...




That's all for today,





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