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Hello all!


Count me in the group build with an important aircraft in Eric Brown's flying career: the Grumman Martlet I,

in wich he managed to down 2 Fw 200 Condors while au the HMS Audacity.


I will start with the HobbyCraft F4F-4 kit and I realise this will necessitate quite a few changes in the wings (fixed)

and the engine (Cyclone).


I could do later versions without too much trouble, but the Martlet I is the one I want to do...


This is the box top:2IMG_0273%201MED2.jpg


And the contents( a lot of bits already off thesprues!):2IMG_0274%201MED2.jpg


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Thank you all!

I did research on the Martlet and I want to built Eric Brown's Martlet I coded R.

I am interested in the original Grumman paint scheme of light and dark green over light blue.


First I did studied the engine arrangement and noted that while the engine cowl cord is shorter with the Cyclone engine

the fuselage is longer so the total lenth remains about the same.


Here are some measurements taken on good photos plus the 1/32 Cyclone from the Hasegawa Curtiss biplane to help get the

dimensions reasonnably accurate. 


I also noted attachements, panel lines and info about curves, etc.



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Here is a comparison of the Hobbycraft engine (right) and the Hasegawa (left)



I thought I could use the Hasegawa part but the is a huge amount of shift on this part:




I will now have to make the engine, but I think I can use pistons from the HobbyCraft engine (it is the Trumpeter kit in reality) with the core of the Hasegawa part to

make a convincing Cyclone.


I also found that the distance from the wing to the back of the cowl is 22'', so those dimensions on paper (photo 13 August) can be translated into 1/32 scale.


I think I will cut the kit cowl in 5 parts with inserts to enlarge it.

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Hi Alain - I hope that you're making progress with your research into the Martlet?  I saw your appeal for drawings (Rules of the Road) and unfortunately I can't help you there.  However, have you access to Eric Brown's books 'Wings of the Navy' and 'Wings of the Weird and Wonderful'?  Both of these have a chapter on the Martlet/Wildcat (there is some overlap); not much on the drawings side but some useful photographs, and of course Winkle's views on flying the aircraft.


If you haven't seen these books then let me know and I can send you the information.


Kind regards



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Hi Alain,


There's a couple of really useful sites here for the Martlet/Wildcat  






and a couple of useful builds  






oh, and Vector make a very nice Cyclone  



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