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Mirage IIIc (Italeri) - Gentle "back to business" build

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Hi guys,


I have not been very active lately to say the less  :(  familly and work did keep me away from the bench but as things are getting better, I want to get back at it.


The Mirage F1 project is stalled at the moment as I do not feel I can resume work on it as this would mean too much commitment and time for now :(


But I still have some sort of Mirage bug so... as Santa treated me with the new Italeri Mirage IIIc, I think this is a great opprotunity to get back to business ;)


The kit looks pretty nice at first sight and I do not intend to get nut on detailling or else, just a few addition here and there eventually.


I will most certainly go for the french 5th sqd bare metal version unless I can find a way to build a 2nd sqd. We will see when I get there...


May the force be with me :piliot:



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Good news!! you are back with this so Frenchy AC .....I am currently one the bird ( just started a few days ago) . Pretty nice at the first sign !! yes but ...... I also go for a NM finish ( what else?) , and I started a whole slight riveting , rivets that can be seen sometime on weathered mirage ..... I will follow your thread with interest .......


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@ Rogier : good choice, I like the sand camo too 


@ Dutik : fortunatly, everythibg seam to be OK on intakes and clear parts, thanks


@ Kevin: thanks mate, I have been away for too long according to my taste  ;)


I spent a couple of hours on the bang seat yesterday trying to give the various cushions some "life" and texture.

Not sure this makes a big difference but that was fun. I shall share a few pics later.


Thanks for the kind words and talk to you soon ;)

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I finaly managed to get my hands on the camera (thanks to my wife ;) ) so here are a few shots of the seat.

This does not make a big difference compared to the kit part but I had fun and I like it so that was worth it I guess B)








I started to work on the rear wall in order to add some plumbing and cables...

Talk to you soon ;)

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