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AH-1W NTS Cobra

Dave Williams

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Sine my Wif build is stalled, I'm going to start out fresh with a Cobra. The kit is the first AFV Club boxing of the original non-NTS MRC kit. The only difference is the decals and the addition of a resin turret with metal gun barrels. I'm adding in the Cobra Company NTS upgrade set, and the Verlinden detail set, which includes the gun breech and open bottom turret. Decals are Two Bobs.



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Hi Dave, nice progress so far. 


Just a quick question for you. You've removed the side armour plates from the cockpit walls. Are there replacements in the Verlinden set or did the NTS not have them? I'm working on the same kit but want to know if I should take them out like you have.





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A small update. Been cleaning up the resin parts and assembling the Master M197 barrels.






My Cobra Company set only had two of the armor plate wings for the seat, so I had to make the other two.




Finally, since I wasn't going to show the engine, I blanked off the opening with sheet plastic, which also improved the fit of the cowling.



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