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1/35 OH-58D Kiowa *Completed*


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Zactomodels provides a small but beautiful set that enhances the look of important details like the mast mounted sight and the IR jammer (not to mention the grilles, in- and outlets and various other details). Just saying...


(Well, Werners Wings offers something too, not to forget, but Zactomans set should do the trick without going overboard if you have to watch costs and shedule...)



With or without AM - Happy modelling!

- dutik

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As mentioned I have an update set that in less parts not in the Zactoman set, which I highly recommend. The biggest thing is the new cowling, but there are other things in the set that aren't in the Zactoman set.


May I also recommend the Fireball Modelworks decals. Beautiful work.


Also Army Cast has the new M3P .50 cal gun system if you want to upgrade that.


Of course the single point reference is the Squadron/Signal Walk Around book.


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Brad i built one maybe a year and a half ago...the fit of the canopy is going to be a real pain to get done seamlessly, also the fuselage seams to fill around the top part and the reflector behind the main rotor is going to be a bit of a handful...

I painted mine  dark OD then faded it really bad as seen in alot of the reference pictures (if you need any inspiration just let me know ill send you some of the links and the such i used). I left mine with one of the side doors off to show all the nice electronics inside. you can make a really nice kit out of it with the engine exposed and all, just needs alot of work. 

Ah did i mention the crew DONT fit in the seats whichever way you modify them?? i think their behinds are too wide and their legs too long lol

Just some of the pitfalls i encountered. Best of luck buddy!



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Ok, what colour are these things? The instructions say the paint is an 80/20 mix of black and white, but I've seen some painted very dark OD to faded OD.

The only completely accurate color is Model Master ACRYLIC US Army Helicopter Green. The enamel is too grey but a great color to weather with. I haven't checked out the Hanaka one yet. I have it but haven't sprayed it.


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I've decided to do as much gluing as possible before paint as it's pretty much two colours; black interior and helo green or drab exterior. As you can see it'll buttoned up too, I don't usually leave panels open on my builds. The one thing I probably will do is leave off the doors. Having a look at pictures it seems they were often removed, I suppose for visibility or comfort reasons.





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