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1/32 Trumpeter Mig-17F #2


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when I built my Vietnam group build Mig-17 I started another one without all the mods.  This one has brass wing fences, True Details tires and vacform canopy, CE cockpit with Eduard pre-painted instrument panel and some side console parts, modified exhaust with my resin AB part, resin ailerons, some resin horizontal stabs that I copied from a friends master(Dick Howze), Air Master metal pitot tubes, AMS resin guns, repositioned drop tanks, and I modiefied the wing trailing edge.




the wing with my resin aileron.  you can see the trench for one of the fences and see the reshaped trailing edge.




modified exhaust with a spacer and my resin tailcone.




everything put together






the bottom showing the relocated braces for the drop tanks and some Eduard photo etch in wheel well




first coat of paint.  Its going to be the "snake scheme"   a/c 2077

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Neat ! Actually your first build prompted an interest of the A/C and kit for me, especially as there was (is ?) a very cool Red Bull MiG-17 scheme ...





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the aircraft I'm doing is pictured on the front of the Squadron Walkaround.  It was originally  silver and then the a/c was painted two tone green.  The  numbers were painted around leaving a ragged silver outline.  I couldn't find the right size numbers in red so I printed the numbers from my computer and then used the printed copies to make a stencil for the ragged outline of silver and then the correct red numbers.  I used double faced tape on the back of the paper to hold the stencils in place.








I hope to have it mostly finished this weekend



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Are you kidding me......Hotelroom...Why? Divorce or work?


Also it looks fantastic, i like the uneven numbers sprayish....damn...i wonder how your work will look when youre in youre mancave......geeez...more magic i suppose...




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thanks for all the complements.  I was in the hotel because of work.  I bought a compressor on sale at Harbor Freight so I could spray paint it.  Had a great Hobby shop 10 minutes away (Pegasus Hobbies) for paints and such.  I brought my basic tools and the kit with me.  I'll take it to the IPMS nats for grins.  I may have to replace the landing gear with brass ones when I get home.



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