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Mals Way, Corsair, USS Bunker Hill, Carrier Deck, Part II.


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Allright a new saga to start then.....


Nameley this...



My tradional wash..make shure no residue is left from the molds..



Yep the Classic Tamiya manual....



Mark them drillpoints for ingnition and oiltubes




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Bending oiltubes for them cylinderheads...done a smal jig to make shure everyone is the same size...



Yep an one more curve...after looing at reference potos..






Them plates over them cylinbters needs holes...using owl to make a mark for the drill



Now many springs needs to be done for the enginecowling flaps....


my first attepts Before i found a method to make many of them....



yep done...


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Some more dryfotting...them ignition Cables, and there will be more Cables...them Magnetos, they arent in Place...dryfitting to see wich order Everything is going to be Before painting...every thing is temporary glued with maskol....


It shure going to look like a snakes nest when it is done...




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Now i need a confirmation on one thing them egine flaps....if im not mistaken ive seen them in salmon red (Yes rare indeed)somwhere but the heck cant find that picture.....on one rare pic but cant find it again...but i can be mistaken, if so that they exist, i will do them samlon red....but need confirmiation such were the case.



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Looking forward to see more! That version of the Corsair looks tempting! !Imagine the weathering :-)

Got plans...Multiple chipping on this one....first timer on multiple chipping...but hey every one had their first timer....so that will be fun to try´.

Going to use AKs chipping medium and Salt methods.



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Guest Peterpools

Hi Buddy

Absolutely an incredible start, as the detailing is simply so spot on, it's ridiculous! Talk about pulling one out of left field! :thumbsup:

I'll be glued to the monitor for this build and with you all the way

Keep 'em coming


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