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1/32 EXTRA 330 resin kit build


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The interior is quite simple and it has included a 3d printed part which is the internal structure (white)


Also the instrument panel print is included


Everything comes like this

And because everything is resin I had to use a bi-component to glue or also can be used CA

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I like what you are doing so far on this kit. I did not know it existed until now. If you have any questions on the SC, drop me a line. I work for a company who specializes in maintaining Extras. In fact, I have three SC's in the shop right now (including Serial #1, which was a modified SHP, and is slightly different from an SC- Mike Goulian's SC is in house as well.)

Please keep the updates coming-

THOR    :ninja:

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Agreed on all points! Ill definitely be picking one of these up. For what you get, and the quality of things, along with coming with some great looking paint masks, it seems like really good value for the money.


Thanks for sharing!

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I fully intend on ordering the American version and subbing in my own lacquer/metallic/pearl versions of Red White and Blue...............with a nice helping of Ultra Gloss coat over them...........



I cant wait to see this one come together!!

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It's just made my day ! :)



Me too! I just couldn't resist any longer................I just ordered mine too!!!

For what you get, if the model is anywhere NEAR as nice as it looks on my screen, what I paid is a steal:


Extra 330 - $76.09

Shipping from Romania - $13.23

Total w/Shipping - $89.32






Quite a bargain IMHO if you consider similarly priced models, many without paint masks or even nice decals. Cant wait to get it!!!

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