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Kaiser Hong


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Hi guys

my first build post on LSP  :P

I started working on zm's 229 kit,

1st step,the JUMO 004B

There is no combustion chamber in the engine!!

I can't stand it :BANGHEAD2: 

so I build the 3D model,hen commissioned manufacturers to print it




split the turbine section of the  engine, add Bolts




emove all the flash  :BANGHEAD2: 











Great sense of accomplishment :beer4:



There is still a long way to go, I will slowly update, hope you will like my work


*sorry for my bad english, probably no way to reply to all messages :P 

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This is just amazing. Are you on Shapeways so other obsessed modelers might buy parts also?


I have my own obsessions and probably won't buy them, but have to admire your drive and creative energy.



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I have seen a number of these built up in different Volks model shops while I was in japan over the last 2 weeks and it was very hard to to purchase one.


Looking forward to watching your progress.

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