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1/32 Spiteful F14 by Iconicair


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Well dinner delt with lets do a bit of exploring



Main part of the box has 6 bags of resin, 1 bag of etch & a bag with the u/c legs in white metal


Inside the brown box are 5 bags containing small parts a few loose so be careful when you open as not to drop any or the carpet monster will have them, also there is the canopy & a couple of more clear parts


And of course the instruction booklet 6 pages with about 30 stages, lets open some bags you will have to wait whilst I take some picks & upload them

Also we have a very nice decal sheet by Fantasy Printshop, you will not need much to get the backing sheet to disappear on these beauties,


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Ahh! the smell of fresh cast resin, a look in the bags reveals some nice parts, the panel lines are
about the same depth as Tamiya's Spitfires & the quality of the resin is suburb,

The parts in the centre long & thin are to strengthen the wings plus they have part of the U/C bay on
them nice touch I think,


Love the pin on the prop to locate it on the spinner back plate no mistakes on which way round [ clockwise or anti ] plus you have the correct angle as well great,


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I have found a very small amount of flash on some parts & it is so thin you possible could take it of with your fingers,


Etch is nice too & the white metal U/C legs are nice & solid not like another Co I have used which after a month bent over with the weight they were so soft,


Wow!  look at the resin canopy it is crystal clear had to give you a couple of pics of those,
that's about it for tonight will show more tomorrow & start showing the build as well.

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Hi Heinz


Glad to see you have joined us in purchases one of these, do not think you will be disappointed,

there is a little cleaning up to do around edges & cutting casting blocks off, which I have been doing tonight so not much to show, wings or cockpit next



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Wow. That looks superb. Thanks for taking the time to show us the pieces Bob. The quality of the kit looks second to none in your images.


Unfortunately, the Spiteful is not an aeroplane that particularly sparks my interest. For me, it lost much of the Sptifire's grace which is a shame as I think I'd enjoy tackling one of these.

(Now if Graham could be persuaded to produce a dH-88 Comet or Supermarine S-6b racer to this standard I think I'd take the plunge.)


I hope the kit builds as well as it looks and I certainly wish Iconicair every success with this product.


Perhaps you might start a build log Bob?



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