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Revell 1/32 Bf 109 G-10 "Erla"


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Hey there.


for my first WIP-build I chose the Revell Bf 109 G-10 "Erla". I already built a couple of Hasegawa 109er and the recent Revell G-6 and I am curious how Revells G-10 goes together. Please feel free to critique and comment what I am doing, I am always eager to improve my skills and knowledge!


Here is the stuff I am going to use during the build:


WIP_Bf109G-10-001 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


I started the cockpit by removing the seatbelts and adding some cables on the floor. I used a machine gun cover from an aires set, because the kit one is vertically split in 2 parts and there would have been a seam to remove: Actually filling and sanding are the two things I really hate in modeling!


WIP_Bf109G-10-002 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


I assembled the port sidewall with minor additions:


WIP_Bf109G-10-003 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


The other side received some addtional wiring, a box and a resin handle:


WIP_Bf109G-10-004 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


The HGW fabric seatbelts look really nice but are a pain to assemble. With the HGW-set came some PE rudder pedals and I made some straps for them, using some spare fabrics from the set.


WIP_Bf109G-10-005 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


I sprayed a base coat of Gunze acrylics RLM 66, drybrushed with a light grey from citadel and gunze aluminium. After that followed a wash with dark grey/dark brown oil colours and details were painted again with citadel and model master colours. Mike Grant Luftwaffe stencil decals were added last.


WIP_Bf109G-10-006 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


WIP_Bf109G-10-007 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


Added the lower seatbelts, the rudder pedals and the nice quickboost stick, that is a vast improvement over the kit part. It is designed for the Hasegawa 109 but fits perfectly into the revell cockpit. Shoulder straps will be added later.


WIP_Bf109G-10-009 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


WIP_Bf109G-10-010 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


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The instrument panel was painted like the rest of the cockpit. I did not like the colour of revells instrument decals and used them only for the ammunition indicator. The other instruments are MDC Luftwaffe dial decals. I added a large drop of Microscale Kristal clear to simulate the glass. Two PE handles from the spares box were added, too.


WIP_Bf109G-10-008 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


Finally I closed the cokpit tub:


WIP_Bf109G-10-011 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


WIP_Bf109G-10-012 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


That's it for now. I hope to have time again for modeling on the weekend.


Thank you for looking.


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Looks awesome!


Does the microscale clear set like that with only one drop? I usually use future but it takes several applications before it starts to build up. I may have to change that!


Great cockpit!




Only one large drop. I like it because it is that easy, but actually it looks quite bulbous and I think the future resembles the actual glass of the real instruments way more. But I am not that patient to do several applications...



Great start, I really like the cockpit.   Which aircraft have you selected from that nice decal sheet?

I decided to do her:


Profile from the great page of Mr Hjortsberg: http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.de/search/label/JG27


Bf 109 G-10 W.Nr. 15. ... "Schwarze 13", 2./JG 27, Salzburg (?), May 1945. Source: Ebay auction via LEMB Forum. by mhaldimann2, on Flickr


(I don't know if it is allowed to post pictures from other sites. If it's not, I will immediately remove the links)



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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been two weeks since the first post. Here's where I am right now:


Installed the Quickboost barrels:


WIP_Bf109G-10-013 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


Removed the air intakes on the nose, installed the barrauda exhausts and filled the lower oil filler hatch. Then I did some riveting with a riveting-wheel. Actually the rivets are not that accurate: its a compromise between the time involved and the effect. As it is intended to add some interest but won't be seen that much in the end, I refuse to spend hours and hours riveting the surface. In the end the lines are not always that parallel and accurate :innocent:



WIP_Bf109G-10-014 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


There is the rest of the barracuda stuff, everything fits like a glove!


WIP_Bf109G-10-015 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


Removed the disks on the elevators and replaced the trim tabs:


WIP_Bf109G-10-016 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


I opened up the holes in the ETC-rack and added the central part from the MDC set.


WIP_Bf109G-10-017 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


The shell ejectors where opened up too, and a third fairing for the cannon shells was added.


WIP_Bf109G-10-018 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


This is where I am right now: putty and sanding.


WIP_Bf109G-10-019 by bastelnvormbalkon, on Flickr


Next up: more sanding and cleaning the surface. Then paint.


Thank you for looking.




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