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A-1H US NAVY Skyraider (Trumpeter A-1J kit - 1/32)


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Scale: 1/32

Kit: Trumpeter A-1J Skyraider. 02254.

Aftermarket accesories:

Paul Fisher Resin: ZUNI Rocket Launcher (http://www.fishermodels.com).

AMS Resin main and tail wheels: http://www.amsresin.com

Videoaviation Resin: LAU-3 Rocket Launcher (http://www.videoaviation.com).

Cockpit seatbelts: (http://www.hgwmodels.cz).

Airscale Decals/Placards. (http://www.airscale.co.uk/).

MASTER machined brass cannon (originally designed for the ZM kit) available from Radu Brinzan: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=127_128_132

Masks (custom made by Mal Mayfield): http://www.freewebs.com/miraclemasks/

3D printed Essex Class carrier tie-downs created by Hugo in the Netherlands:



Paints used:

Gunze (Mr. Hobby Aqueous) and Tamiya Aqueous colors; thinned with isopropanol alcohol (ISP)

Alclad (various metal shades).

Clear coat: Mr. Color GX100 Super Clear III cut at 50/50 using Mr. Color Leveling Thinner.

Miscl. paints:

-Mr. Surfacer 1200 primer (rattle can).

-Mr. Hobby Aqueous Gray FS 16440 (H315).

-Mr. Hobby Aqueous White (Insignia White) FS 17875 (H316).

-Mr. Hobby Aqueous Green (H06) - Swordsmen banners and rudder cap.

-Tamiya Aqueous X-32 Titanium Silver - Corroguard leading edges.



Main references:





Hello everybody! My first Vietnam era build - ever! My first group build contribution - ever! I have always really liked the Skyraider, and I have had a renewed interest in the Vietnam war era aviation subjects.... I originally wanted to do a USAF Sandy bird, but given the size of this subject in 1/32 scale, the over pronounced dihedral of the kit, I elected to go for a US NAVY bird with folded wings!

This is an easy quick build, I'll be putting in detail where it is needed, but not too much otherwise!

Starting off with the cockpit:


I wanted to use as many kit parts as possible, and to replicate as best as I could the Yankee Extraction system....

So, I cracked out the spare plastic bin and started with some old sprues!



Next up, I scratched a few basic sidewall details... And used multi layered Tamiya tape scored with my scriber to mimic the pleating of the insulation fabric....



The other side:




The pilot seat was covered using the tissue technique to mimic the fabric... And a few small detail parts were created to add a little more realism! This is still very much a work in progress.... So, more details will be added...




Some ejection pin marks had to be filled using Mr. Surfacer 500 and sanded down flush....







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One important detail that Trumpeter forgot was the landing/taxi lights were moved to the wing tips and were drop down in operation rather than in a fixed installation in the wing leading edge.




The rudder also needed to be cut out and filled in using sheet plastic....




Overall shot:




This is an outstanding and excellently tooled kit from Trumpeter... The "A" team must have been involved in this release!! The only complaint I have so far is the over pronounced dihedral of the main wings.... I'll have to correct this to reduce the angle slightly....

A quick shot to highlight the angle of dihedral....




More to follow, thanks for looking in on my build!

I'm really enjoying this build... Its a great kit and well worth investing in if you enjoy the Skyraider!

I've also enjoyed taking a small break from my Hawker Tempest!

Cheers and happy modeling!


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great start Alan!  It will be interesting to see this kit built up in comparison to the earlier A-1H.  I am a little disappointed to see that Trumpeter didn't address the issue with the wingtip lights on this kit. I wonder, is it simply a reboxing of the earlier 'H' kit?  How about the beacon light on top of the tail fin, does it have that?


Another point - the two little air scoops on either side of the fuselage at the rear of the Yankee rocket motor - these are also present in the 'H' kit, yet I can't seem to find any photographic evidence to support their being there...  very curious!

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Thanks gentlemen! Appreciate the nice words! Rich, I am assuming the Trumpeter J release (which this is) was just upgraded with the armor plating and then released... Looks like I might have gotten a little carried away as I was informed that the wingtip taxi/landing lights were leading edge located for US NAVY birds.... only USAF birds had the wingtip lights...

Is the rotating beacon light the big part up on the top of the vertical stab? It looks to be a beacon with an antennae of sorts in front of it?

You can see this in several of my photos above!




Definitely a great kit from Trumpeter!

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