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  1. Super looking finish! Very realistic. Brandon
  2. One of the best Mig-19's I have seen built. Really like the finish! Brandon
  3. Excellent Corsair!! Great job on the weathering and finish! Brandon
  4. Stellar in every aspect!! The weathering is perfect and leves nothing to be desired, and is executed very well. Brandon
  5. Everything about that build is just pure awesomeness!!!!! Beautiful G model! Brandon
  6. The weathered finish looks about perfect to my eyes. Brandon
  7. Beautiful paint work and finish! Brandon
  8. WOW!! That looks amazing! The finish is outstanding! Were the Gunze paints acrylics or the lacquer base paints? Brandon
  9. The paint work looks perfect to me!! Well done. Brandon
  10. That really looks the part!! Congrats on a great looking build! Brandon
  11. Great looking builds all the way around. Being a T-45 Goshawk mechanic for the last 15 years makes me a bit partial to your Hawk builds. They are very nice. Welcome to the forum. Brandon
  12. SUPER JOB!!!!! That looks wonderful. The finish is perfect in my eye with just the right amout of weathering to be convincing yet still look crisp!! Hats off to you! I am going to do a Block 52 soon and if it looks half as nice I will be happy! Brandon
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