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So here's a question--were Pacific Theater "Ds" all that much different from the ETO ones? I'm talking about the ones that were in the PI, not the ones that flew long range from Iwo later.




Tim W.

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Straight out from hell...



Time to take on the Mustang again after finished the buffalo Brewster.....


Checking out that all looks good from the resting, they been placed in a sealed plastic box ;) always rest my started parts/builds in that, dust protective,

yes im pleased, this one gonna be korea Dirty for shure ;) (oh yes, thats a BF109K cockpit, another build that have to be finished)





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Thx sparz :D glad you like it.


Ive used Washes from florys, and the oil/dirt rinning downmarks ive used Airbrush (fine tuned) Tamiya redbrown and black very diluted with iso, to streak it down untill im pleased with the effect that i like.


You can obtain almost same effect with oilcolors, (umbra/redbrown/raw umber) just not diluted, put a dot, then take a cotton pint carefully ant draw the oil color down gently untill you are pleased ;), if you dont lik the effect then just remove it, oilcolor is very forgiving in weathering,


try on a piece of scrap before going "live" that you prepared the same way as the part that you gonna aplie the effect ;) and try and see if its pleases you,


Thats how i do often, try things, ideas, develop other builder effect thats fits me and so on, many builders do that :D infuences each other on effect and so on ;)


Modelling is an art ;)


Ive seen modelers dilute oilcolor to and applie the streaks with a brush to and they obtained awesome affects,

check out guys that build tanks and watch their engines, dirt, oil everything ;)....just test and have fun :D

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