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Revell's (not so) new 1:32 He 219 "UHU"


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Looking at the nose radar antennae in some photos, I note that some of them are as you depicted in your outstanding build, but others are pointing straight up/down. Could the antennae be steered? What determines (if anything) how they are pointed?


Again, masterful build. I'm considering getting one myself, though I've not the first idea how I'd reproduce the paint job you did without my eyes exploding.




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I read that there was a change in nacelle shape, thought it was a given, probably time to take a look at the Valliant book.


There's a good photo of the nose wheel in this thread http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/29/p/132597/1377881.aspx

Having just picked up the Revell kit, I'm reading this with great interest. Thanks Ian for taking on the project and presenting your observations. My apologies if this question has already been addressed, but I got to this post and was glad that someone posed this. According to what I've read, the ZM kit indeed is supposed to represent the A-0. However, they spent a good deal of time studying the

Smithsonian example, which is an A-2. Given that there are differences in the mark, I'm leaning toward the same conclusion above, that both are right. If true, does that negate what Ian is doing? By no means! It would just mean he's pulled off a fabulous conversion of the Revell A-2/7 to an A-0!

Would like to toss out something. I ran across this page with a shot of the unrestored nose of the NASM Uhu, and I'm not convinced the Revell nose is wrong for an A-2: http://robertsacchi.hubpages.com/hub/The-NASM-Heinkel-He-219

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Well - I'm pretty convinced from studying all the drawings, photos and data I could that the Revell nacelle angles are incorrect for all versions of the 219  :)


And the nose on the Revell kit is closer to all versions IMHO - the ZM kit sills curve inwards towards the front - rather than being parallel IIRC. This makes the front/glazing look a little pinched to my eyes. But that's purely a personal view.


I'm not holding up my build as an exercise in exactitude - and it will never need to gain a Certificate of Airworthiness - but I think it captures the 'look' of the 219 family a little better than the Revell kit straight from the box, which was the aim of the exercise!


The ideal 1:32 kit would include elements of both kits IMHO  :)


Others' mileage *will* vary - but I quite enjoyed this project - which is what it's all about!  :innocent:




Full build article here.


Have fun!



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Beautiful work, Iain! Many thanks for the time taken to put out a nice model and entertain a lively thread.  Apologies for misspelling your name in the post above, btw.


Me Revell UHU just arrived this past weekend from a fantastic sale Squadron MMD was having to coincide with the IPMS-USA Nats. I couldn't hold my water any longer and practically wet myself when I opened the box...only to go dry when I discovered that the sealed hit from RoG was missing the decals AND instructions! What the?????

Squadron made good, though, and is sending me replacements. So, for those of you visiting Squadron at their next open house in Carrolton, TX, look for the discounted UHU with no decals and instructions on the sale table ! :mental:


I'm hoping someone (Owl/EagleCals???) does decals for the NASM bird once it's all together. I think in the end that will be the scheme I want to do.

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