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Revell's (not so) new 1:32 He 219 "UHU"


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Hi everyone! smile.png


With some time off work this week I've decided to crack on with the UHU...


This will be a pretty-well out of box build with the aim of keeping things simple and making some progress.


For the purposes of this exercise I'll be going into 'assembler of kits' mode as opposed to the usual AMS induced 'stress bunny'.


Wish me luck!


Taking a leaf out of those pesky armour modellers approaches to assembly I'm going for a lot of sub assemblies - in fact that's today's focus - so that I can then have a sanding binge all at once at some point.


I have to say that whilst the kit looks superb - and is remarkable value - the instructions let it down a little!


Starting with the wings - read the instructions carefully if you want to drop the flaps as there are sections that need removing!


The flap areas have the inserts shown below that provide detail for the dropped flaps - as well as strength to the assembled wings:






Wings are now glued and on the window-sill drying off.


Tailplane next - main sections quite straightforward...


The fins are more complex - and need a little gymnastics to put together - along with careful use of glue (personally I'm not bothered if they don't move):




On the theme of assemblies and racking them up ready for sanding in one session here are the tyres and main gears - all pretty straightforward stuff:




That's all for now folks...



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OK - another 3 hours work - and work started on the cockpit tub/nose gear bay...


Finding some flash that needs cleaning up on many of the parts - but no big isue.


Below - the kit provides the radiator 'blocks' that fit inside the cowls - one on right has them fitted. Fairly straightforward operation. There are sink marks in many of the rad. sections - but I don't think they'll show on completed model:




Don't know if anyone read a thread on another forum about a fatal flaw? Yes - there has to be one doesn't there! wink.png


Actually not too bad - but the shape of the prop blades near their roots is incorrect - too dished and not blending in the blades with the round root section smoothly enough.


Fortunately the aftermarket industry is at hand - in the shape of that marvellous 'propellor root fixer upper' set from Milliput (+ sanding implement)!


Blades as supplied:




Roots faired with Milliput and now going ooorf...




Basic cockpit/gear/bay tub assembled and ready for paint - will construct other cockpit assemblies shortly:




Kinda where we're at at present:




More later - perhaps...



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Better view of the prop - will sand back in the morning:




Fettling stuff for the cockpit - thought it worth sharing some pix...


'Avionics' boxes need amending as there's a box for one version only out of the four - now removed!




Side console detail is good!




Hmmm - need to remove the straps as I'm using etched one's - anyone know if there should be cushions (this would be easy answer to cover up - make new cushions - certainly shown in one of my refs...)




Bang seat rails in place:




Easy does it! My canopies were squashed together - needed very carefull separation of parts before removing the cockpit side section I needed!




Canopies very clear!




Was wondering why that side section was clear... Very clever Revell - I suspect this is to allow for clear covers over circuit breaker panel as there's detail to the rear - need to consult refs.




Hoping to get some paint on cockpit tonight!


More laters...



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