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Hi Guys

Whilst updating my website the other day I looked at my P51 which I built a few years ago and decided that I would put it on this site - because this was my inspiration that eventually led me to scratch build.

It took me many months to build and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of scratchbuilding the hangar and all the equipment. Sadly when I moved to live in Bulgaria I was forced to sell it to Westway Aviation in London who I believe, are currently using it to advertise their company.

I have seen many fantastic builds on this site and I have had many of you say to me that they would love to scratch build something one day. I hope that this will prove that with a little bit of patience you can actually go from building a small clock for example - to a full scale scratch built aircraft - it just takes practice!

This is the 1:24 scale Airfix kit of the P51 D Mustang 'Big Beautiful Doll'. Everything else is scratch built.


Here are the photos.......................





















That's all.

Thanks for looking in



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I am new to LSP and looking at your work is just .... mind blowing. It took me awhile to go through your Spitfire build, absorb all the details of your Stuka and of course this beautiful diorama. I guess closer the viewer get more details are revealed to him ... I'm stunned!

Amazing work fozzy! :bow: :bow: :bow:

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