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  1. The spinner was painted with Model Master chrome silver. Fred
  2. Greetings all. Just finished the new Tamiya mustang using Kagero's 'Pacific Mustangs PT. 1' decals. The fuselage is foiled. I found most of the cowling parts too thin to accept foil, so painted them instead.
  3. Ads, The decals were aftermarket supplied by Chris S. and I've already forgotten who made them, perhaps he'll see this and chime in. Fred
  4. I'd like your opinion on what those raised surface details are. On the underside of the wing in front of and behind the brass ejection chutes are 10 cylinder shaped details. Never seen them on any other kit and I don't think anything like it exists on an actual mustang. Just curious why Tamiya added this detail? Fred
  5. Thanks a ton Kagemusha, that's a fair bunch to choose from. Fred
  6. Jack, The paint is Tamiya 'silver leaf' in the rattle can, with a coat of future before and after the decals and my halfhearted attempt at weathering. Kevin---Thanks for the compliment. Fred
  7. Maru, thanks for the kind words. I forgot to mention that this was an OOB build with no AM involved except that the red paint was accomplished using ADASTRA masks. Durring his research, Ian at AdAstra noticed that the antiglare panel on the real Sleepy Jean was painted over the red and brought it to my attention so I could get it right, on the model. I consider that to be 'above & beyond' normal customer service. Fred
  8. I haven't been able to keep up with all the new decals comming out over the past several months for the P-51. I have the new tamiya kit and want to represent a plane of one of the Iwo Jima squadrons. Has any of the decal makers put out a sheet yet that covers this? Fred
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