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Hasegawa P-40 E

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After recieving the brand new 1/32 Hasegawa P-40 E, i had a fast look at it. All looks very nice and i went on to have a little test fit of the main parts. Now i´m up to do a quick job on it, and hopefully i can get it done in the next 7 or 10 days.

Here are the first pics.


The Box art




The overall shape is great




Close up of the windscreen




What the hell is going on here...




To spread the fuselage a bit to close that bad hole between fuse and wings, i added a plastic rod




Looks much better now, i can live with that.




The surface detail is great and it seems, Mr. Trumpeter has his fingers in the game...





The chin cooler




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Looks a fine kit Chris, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. You're right about the Trumpeter-like rivets though. I'm not a fan of rivets personally, but I'm not freaked out by them either, and I'm sure they'll look OK under paint etc. I wish I could build a kit in 7-10 days!



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Thanks for that chris , I havn't got round to test fitting anything yet , (My Tornado F-3 is a cruel mistress!), I don't know if I'm alone in this , but the Pilot ikit looks excellent, and I think he might get a flight for once.. anyone else thinkig of crewing their P-40?

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Needs some attantion: Glue topside first, then the lower one.


The cockpit, starting with the seat.


The instrumentpanel


The kit wheels


But from what i know, later P-40s were refited with this wheels, so i'll use them. That are True Details Mustang wheels.


Bomb and drop Tank. I'll use the bomb on this one. Yellow stripes are provided in the kit decals, but i want to paint it. I bend a stripe of Tamiya's Masking Tape around the bomb and covered it with FUTURE. After painting i'll have a raised detail which should be easy to paint.


That's all for now. At the moment i'm working on some wireing in the cockpit as well as the wheel well.
Hope you like it, please leave comments and have a look for the next updates. I've planned to do something like a daily diary. We will see how it is coming along smile.gif


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Guest Rigor

wow chris look's like a nice kit,but 7-10 days :) good luck :D and i thought i had alot of project's going at once :( :D

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Are there pictures on this thread? Cause I am not getting them?


Yes there are. You should check to see if all pictures have stopped being visible to you. If so you might need to re-set your preferences under "my controls" then click on "board settings" in the left column.

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