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  1. Finally this build has crossed the finish line - Kit: HK Models Mosquito B Mk IV. My goal was to depict one of the planes used by the RAF Film Production Unit (FPU). These Mosquito's were used to document some of the daring low level operations, mostly done by 2nd TAF. These cameraplanes participated in some of the famous operations against german targets, Gestapo Headquartes, Amiens Prison Break etc... In the beginning these planes were modified, to carry a cine camera mounted in the nose. Later 35 mm handheld camera's were being used and by the summer of 1944 they were fitted with an additional Perspex panel in the nose. This provided more glass for the cameraman, who by now, was moving around the cockpit trying to get footage of the operations. Some of these films can be watched on Youtube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNxLXCZobTk Diorama: December 1944: Mosquito B Mk IV - DZ414 'O' Orange (FPU) is getting ready for a mission. Some of the Pilots are discussing todays mission, the squadron dog is present. An RAAF officer/cameraman, is checking his camera equipment. RAF starter trolley is connected. Fitters are checking and doing some last minute maintenance on the left Roll-Royce Merlin engine. A RAF vehicle (Bedford MWD) has stopped, delivering equipment for the plane. Some additional camera's are loaded for a PR Mosquito. Thanks for watching! Kent Mosquito build: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=61578&hl= Bedford build: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=67154&hl=
  2. Hi folks, I was looking at the instructions on the B-25 kit and it says that everything inside is interior green. Is that correct or is it like the B-17 where different sections are different colours? Also, is it Zinc Chromate Green or something darker? Thanks in advance. Carl
  3. Suitably inspired (nagged!) by my 9 year old son Cameron to dig out our respective B-17 projects, I thought I ought to put a stick in the ground and post a thread here. Cam is a huge B-17 fan (especially the 'Memphis Belle) as so last year we got him the old Revell 1:48th 'F' kit. He was very excited - and then a little put off by the complexity of it all so I had 'another bright ideaTM' and suggested that if he had a go at his, I'd dig my 1:32 monster from the loft and we could build both in parallel. This weekend just gone Cam has called 'in' on the deal - so, well, here we are! No digs, or jibes about Connie et al and my ability to get majorly sidetracked - oh look - there's that squirrel again!!! Add to that I'm seeing some majorly superb B-17 projects on the go and I'm kinda thinking just how hard can it be? Plan is to make some corrections (nothing major) and, having discovered AK Interactive Xtreme Metal paint, go for 'Bit O' Lace'. OK - she's been done before - but the decals are available - and she's a well photographed airframe. Will have to 'un-stagger' the waist guns and vac some bulged 3 window waist gun positions - that's the plan anyway. Now, I wasn't going to get too much aftermarket stuff for this project - I already had the beautiful Master gun barrel set I acquired a good 18 months ago at a bargain price - but, hey, ho, you know how it is and, whilst surfing for B-17 info the other night I spotted some Brassin engines going cheap - at least engines 2,3 and 4. Now I recon that 1 and 4 are most likely identical (and a quick look on the Eduard site shows all the same part numbers on engines 1 and 4) - so the eagle eyed will spot the odd box numbering. If I mention the engines were only £8.17 each you'll understand my madness a little better! Oh - and the wheels just had to come along for company! These should dress up the model nicely - but I've succumbed to a little more today - details to follow when they arrive - but I recon main areas to concentrate on detail-wise are the cockpit and nose area. I'll be cheating a little - if it's unlikely to be seen on the final model then I'm not going to worry too much. Have a few refs. dug out so far - but my absolute fave is 'The Mighty Eighth In Colour' - full of cracking period colour images - and heaps of inspiration! Here's Cameron with his B-17F: And holding the HK Models 'G' - whilst we were trying to guage the magnitude of our folly yesterday: More soon*... Iain *No warranty given, or implied!
  4. I had a thoroughly good time building the HK Models Mk. IV Mosquito, with the RFI here: It's a great kit, with a one piece forward fuselage, rear fuselage, and wing, and a great fit. The HK Mossies have been the subject of several criticisms, but to me the most obvious one is the orientation of the nose windows. The top edge of each should be aligned with the top edge of the nose blister: Or a different perspective: Compared to the real aircraft: I know that there have been other criticisms of the HK Mossie kits, but to me this is the most obvious and the only one I will be addressing. With that in mind, I followed the lead of a build on Britmodeller, who adjusted the angle of the windows and swapped the left and right clear parts. Here is my initial work on this: And the subject of my build: The HK Models Mk. IX/XVI kit fortunately has the parts to convert to the PR bird, and I will be making my own markings. Feel free to follow along! Cheers, Tom
  5. Greetings all; Here is my contribution to the MEGB, the HK Models B-25J as "Vestal Virgin" from the film Catch-22. I'm not going crazy with AM stuff, just the "necessities" for this big gal, mainly the G-Factor bronze landing gear legs, and I have an extra set of Master B-17 .50-cal barrels to use in place of the kit plastic. Also a set of Eduard masks for all that glass. The KitsWorld decals will be ordered later today. Photos: The obligatory box shot: The AM goodies: I don't yet have the decals on hand, but here are some images from the KitsWorld website, my thanks to them for that: Also, I'm well aware of the propeller blade shape issues. I'm pretty happy that I think the perfect solution dropped in my lap when the HK Lancaster arrived. It has what, to me, look like near-perfect prop blades. Here's a photo to show the comparison: I'd like very much to hear others' opinions of using the spare prop blades from the Lanc kit. The butt ends are not the same but that doesn't worry me, I'll pin them. A better solution for me than resin props. Thanks for checking in and let the fun begin! Jim "Jimbo" Harr High Bridge, NJ
  6. First go at a group build here on LSP. My entry is the rather large HK B-25H Mitchell. I started this late 2018 but it's only just started so suitable for this GB. Looking forward to this - got a few after market items; Eduard Brassin wheels Eduard fabric seatbelts Eduard interior etch I'll post pics as soon as figure out how to Martin
  7. Greetings all, After lurking for a year+ on this site I'm going to take the plunge. This kit marks my return to modeling after more than three decades away. When I first saw this massive kit, and then later, what the excellent modelers here were doing with it, I could no longer resist joining in! And frankly, I can use all the help I can get! It will be my first attempt at anything not right out of the box, spraying anything that isn't in a rattle-can, so amateur fits. All tips and suggestions are welcome, constructive criticisms too. Some background... I've been working on this kit periodically since it came out so I have a bit of it together and am currently enjoying the build, I'm in hot mode and hope to be until it's finished. I got the MK1 Design - Super Detail Up PE, at BNAModelWorld early on and have all that primed with some in place as we speak. I'm intending this B-17 to be a camo, non-checkered 385th vertical stabilizer, and displayed gear down, bomb bay, crew hatch and waist door open, flaps down - if I don't mangle the PE beyond repair. Also intending to simulate a mission load on the main gear. This particular build will not be a specific ship, but an amalgam of planes from the 385th BG. The research was 95% the memories of my 97 yr old father and was intended for him, when he was living. Some wrong colors, strange scales for some of the scratch built stuff and various other atrocities, all on me of course, will result and are mostly from what I've finished already. Now, I do plan to build a specific plane (not sure which ship yet) with the re-release of the G model, but let me knock this one out, and learn a bit, first. I'll be back after work to post some photos of where I am currently, then I'll play catch up with photos from earlier in the project as the days go by. Thank you for reading this far! On an aside... I live 15 minutes away from the newly restored Memphis Belle (and the rest of the Museum of the USAF). I'm more than happy to grab photos for any modelers needing any visual references for their "F" kits. Only constraints, week days the museum is open while I'm at work. FYI: She is currently posed “in flightâ€, gear up and on supports about 15' above the floor. I haven't seen her in person yet, though. Below you'll no doubt recognize these two, image is from a photo-op as the Belle's debut approached, and not of my making...found on the interwebz. Respectfully Submitted / David
  8. G'day guys, Since this topic seems to come up about every 3 months, I thought I'd show you what can be done if you want it badly enough These parts are just a rough trial, but my initial impressions are that it improves the look of the kit immensely. It also *should* be compatible with most of the existing kit parts once I've got it properly cleaned up, apart from a new instrument panel/#3 bulkhead of course and the cockpit glazings.... Anyway, I thought I'd share it here in case you miss my build. Cheers, Craig
  9. G'day Guys, Well I'm doing something I've tried for a long time not to do; have two build logs going at once. The difference, aside from them being 2 different versions of the B-17 (I have 3 all up), is that for a while, this build will exist mainly as a virtual one. With so much discussion about the shape of the nose and what HK did or didn't get right, I've decided to embark on a quest to see if I can come up with a decent rendition that has the right "look." My aim here is NOT to produce an aftermarket correction set to go on sale to the masses, more so to investigate where the lines of the kit differ from that of the factory drawings, and mainly centred around the nose. It's my intention to produce a 3D printed replacement section that is a blend between actual dimensions and kit ones in order to make the thing work. There will be compromises; as I have said, I'm trying to recreate the "look" of the B-17. The reason I am initially keeping this as a "virtual-ish" build for now is that I want to keep progressing with the C, but this will provide the groundwork for what will eventually become an F and an E build, but with most of the hard work already done here. Think of this for now as more of a study.......Hopefully you can join me on my journey! Phase 1 - Establishing the reference Ok guys, no surprises here. The HK kit in all its glory. Unfortunately with the way the kit is constructed, in order to establish a proper datum point for reference, I need to do some dissection. Think back to my early C model days, it gets gory here! Most discussion so far has been centred around the incorrect shape of the #3 bulkhead. Unfortunately as I have discovered, correcting the #3 is not the end of the story. I had always had suspicion that not only was the bottom nose profile off, I also suspect that the profile is wrong when viewed from above. If you study pics of a real Fort, the HK version always looks a bit too fat for my liking. To me the best place to start is the #4 bulkhead, as at least I can reference any changes to the cockpit from here too. Despite the #4 bulkhead actually being on a receding angle in the real thing, the HK part is installed at 90 degrees. I'm not going to lose sleep over that, and in any case I need the shape at the #4 as my master reference dimensions to allow the new nose to graft hopefully seamlessly onto the existing fuselage...... Next up I scaled and traced the outline of the E/F nose profile for comparison in Rhino. I then traced the outline of the HK fuselage, shown here in blue. I overlayed the factory drawing and this is what I got..... As you can see, it's not only the top, but also a large portion of the bottom which is oversized (agreeing with my original suspicions). I'm not entirely sure about the overall length, as this really has to do with where you take the datum point to be on the #4 bulkhead, but in any case, it would really only be a mm or two longer at most. In order to be able to match up any new sections I make with the existing fuselage, matching my work to the #4 bulkhead for size will be critical. This is where I am deviating a little from strict dimensional accuracy - remember the priority here is "the look." When I scaled up the factory drawing to the match the kit, this is what I got.... Looks like the kit nose cone will be about 0.8mm too tall, so I'll have that challenge to look at when I get to it, and I get the feeling it may be out on profile too, but my next update will address that. I haven't had a look from the top down yet, and I suspect that similar to what I saw with the underside profile, the kit will be too fat. I get the feeling that the nose of the real thing tapers a lot further back than the #3 where HK have it, but we'll soon see..... Anyway this has been a lot of fun so far, and something I've been going to do for ages. I certainly hope this answers some questions for a lot of you out there..... Cheers! Craig
  10. So Here is my entry to the great 20th anniversary group build! I picked up the HK Models kit last June at a swap and sell for a mere $150 Aussie dollars, the seller even included the Zotzs Heavenly bodies decal set!! Then came the aftermarket! Oh well I saved on the kit so no worries! All motivated I began construction and completed a wheel bay (figured that if the build got shelved then it could go back in the box and not get damaged). Well shift work returned and I started on my HpH macchi M5 so the wheel bay is as far as I got, well under 25%. With the Wingnut lanc on the horizon and no cash for the HK version I figured that if the Doll didn't get done then there was a risk of her never comming out of the stash, so when this GB was announced I figured that now was her time! Here are all of the bits and bobs! Progress so far, I intend to complete the wings first rather than the interior as this will remove large swaths of plastic from the sprues which= motivation!! Good luck everybody!
  11. My Mosquito project, stalled a bit because of the B-25J "Old Ironsides III" project A lot of research went into this project, getting the details right... Aftermarket...
  12. Hello to you all I know im still working on the mosquito but work is going slow with all the painting going on so i dicieded to start the beast of the stash The wife is happy off course i prommisd here to build this one for here this will be a long term project for me so here are the pics before the start The kit aftermarket for this one so first step will be the nose section i know there is a lot off discussion about the intirior colors but i will go for a metal one for this part i hope to do a update soon wish me luck Mark
  13. Posting the finished Mossie I did for the IPMS reviews last month.
  14. Guest

    Lanc news

    HK FB page has cad and says test shot example hopefully by January and release February March!https://www.facebook.com/hkmmodels/photos/pcb.1928004717449144/1928004267449189/?type=3&theater
  15. Hi all, This is my HK Models Meteor F.4, converted into a T.7 using the Fisher Models resin set, incorporating the narrow chord intakes that are specific to the majority of T.7 aircraft. I've also added a smattering of Eduard stuff around this build, for landing flaps, seatbelts, wheels and mudguards etc. It's a little worrying when you hack off huge sections of your expensive model kit with a razor saw, but this one built up just beautifully. I've used MRP (Mr Paint) for all colours, such as Sulphur Yellow, Basalt, White Aluminium, Lemon Grey and Syrian AFV Yellow-Brown etc. Also some nice Airscale bezels and decals on the instrument panels. Masks are courtesy of Miracle Masks. Watch out for this one in the November edition of Military Illustrated Modeller (No.79), due out around mid-October 2017. ​​​​​​​
  16. So this will be my first "online" build. And i will be sharing my build progress here on LSP... Project: B-25J-2 "Old Ironsides III" based at Alesani Airbase, Corsica 1944-45. 12th Air Force, 340th Bomb Group, 488th Bomb Squadron. Photo of "her" around september 1944, supplied to me, by Dominique Taddei (Author of USS Corsica) Kit: Hong Kong Models 1/32 B-25J Aftermarket: Profimodeller, Eduard, Brassin Wheels, HGW Seatbelts, Scale Aircraft Conversion Metal Landing Gear, Montex Mask etc... I have to admit , starting "her" almost a year ago, but went "cold" after completing most of the Cockpit. I didn't have a subject that i was happy with or interesting enough, to keep me going. But now I have and i'm on "fire" again.. Seeya! Kent
  17. I have been hesitant to post my progress on this one as I haven't had the best record on finishing my large scale projects, but here it goes. This is the HK Models Do 335 B-2 kit. I have been working on it on and off since last fall. I have the Eduard Brassin wheels and muzzle brakes as well as the HGW seat belts to add to the kit. The rest of the details that I will add will be scratchbuilt. I plan to do it in the following whatif markings that I found at http://www.inpayne.com/whatif/whatif4.html. I am hoping to be able to make my own masks for the major markings using my Silhouette Portrait cutter. I will be using a combination of Tamiya, Model Master Acryl and Vallejo paints for the entire project. I don't always follow the instructions to the letter and skip around to the areas that I feel like working on at the time. This kit was no different. I started with the front engine. I didn't like how HK molded the front propeller shaft to the engine front (part O20) making it so the propeller wouldn't spin. I drilled through the center of the propeller shaft using the hole that was already in it to get the center. I then cut off the molded shaft and drilled the hole out so the new shaft would spin freely. I then used some styrene rod in various sizes to make a new shaft and mounting point for the front of the engine. I modified the kit gun barrel to fit my new propeller shaft so I can glue it in after assembly ( to keep from breaking it off during construction). I did have to enlarge the hole in the propeller just a little bit to make it fit the new propeller shaft. Now the propeller spins and the gun barrel is stationary. Next up I modified the radiators, both front and back by adding some fine brass screen to the faces to give them some detail. I applied masking tape to the faces of the radiators and then used a pencil to mark the edges, making a template to use to cut out the screen. For the front radiator, I added a couple of strips of styrene on top of the screen. to be continued. . .
  18. Here is my rendition of Hong Kong Models Gloster to which I've also added a Profimodeller RR Derwent in the left wing, and a cockpit detail set from Eduard. The model has taken me about 3 months to finish and I'm pleased with the result. I hope HKM or another quality company will produce some more of these early jets as they are a fascinating subject and there are lots of gaps in available kits. More on this build can be found under the "Works in Progress" forum. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=62862 Cheers, Michael
  19. Hi folks, I've just finished the HK Models Mosquito test shot and submitted my build article/photos to Brett for next month's Military Illustrated Modeller. Such a nice it to build. Non-fussy, and very tactile. An engineering triumph too Here she is, in her cookie incarnation.
  20. As suggested by Ron and Kev, I've started a new thread on the build of my HK Mossie kit so that it'll be easier for everyone to follow. This is going to be built alongside the Tamiya kit. Here it is with its bench mate.
  21. I've been working on this project on and off for the last year or so, and finally applied the finishing touches this weekend. The HK Models kit needs no introduction and was for the second time, a joy to build. Having seen a few of these kits made up as war-beaten WWII aircraft, I wanted to do something a little different, and thus decided to build this version as a modern day warbird. Most preserved Forts in natural metal gleam like a mirror - something that terrified me, so I went instead for the Experimental Aircraft Association's 'Aluminum Overcast' which is operated from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which is actually painted silver rather than being in NMF. Being a Vega block 105 aircraft, she never saw combat, as it was actually built too late to see service in WWII, and instead went straight to the boneyard as 'surplus' before being bought in 1946 by Universal Aviation for aerial mapping purposes. It was sold again in 1947, this time as a cargo hauler which required numerous modifications, before once again taking on the role of aerial mapping platform in 1949, spending 12 years in the Middle East. By 1966 another sale ensued and the B-17 was used as a chemical sprayer back in the US, before its final role which began in 1966 as an aerial tanker and fire bomber. After retirement from this role in 1988, she was purchased by the 'B-17s around the World Foundation' and subsequently donated to the EAA, where a thorough restoration to WWII configuration began. She's been touring the US since 1994, and proudly wears the colours of 398th BG which flew from Nuthampstead during the war. Although she's 95% authentic in comparison to her WWII counterparts, she does carry a full, modern avionics suite, as well as extra passenger seats in the rear fuselage, radio room and flightdeck for those lucky enough to enjoy a flight in her. The upper turret is just a dome with dummy barrels fitted to improve access to the flightdeck, but the ball turret is fully operational. I carried out the simple modifications to the HK kit to bring it up to 'warbird' status by scratch-building the passenger seats, removing and filling the radome on the top of the nose compartment, adding the modern aerials seen on the aircraft and leaving out the top turret mechanism. Armour plate was removed from the pilots' seats, and the flightdeck oxygen system was also removed. I painted the interior olive green as the original, as unlike her wartime sisters she's painted internally. Wooden floors and ammo boxes were recreated using the superb HGW decals, and a final touch was a scratch-built rear access door and entry step as well as a ladder stored in the bomb-bay as often seen when these Forts are on tour. Decals came from KitsWorld, and paints were automotive acrylics. Boeing B-17G-105-VE s/n 44-85740, civil reg. N5017N 'Aluminum Overcast' DSC_0058 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0065 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Removing the nose radome: S1030377 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Interior progressing with scratch-built passenger seats etc: DSC_0008 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0082 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0087 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0092 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0094 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0101 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Part Two to follow...
  22. Hi Guys, In the meanwhile I've been working on the new HK Models Mosquito. I haven't shared it here before, because I wanted all the turmoil and negativity that clouded this release to pass over. I'm building this kit out of the box with the only additions being: • ProfiModeller stencil decals • Masks for the markings • HGW seat harnesses • Profi Modeller pitot tube • Metal mesh for the radiator guards It's a lovely kit to build. For my next build I might 3D print new spinners with a slightly more accurate shape. Not because I think it needs it, but because it's fun. Cheers!
  23. After two months of not building im going to restart the building. A fresh start with a fresh kit. Last week i recievd this one and evry day im looking in the box,so now i have to start this. I dondt know much about WW II planes but you are all out here to help. I will use Brian hese build on lady Lil for a guideline. This is the kit. Whats in the box. I hope i can make a start this weekend. And yes this one will be foiled. Mark
  24. Hi guys and gals, You've no doubt been following Kev's excellent build of the Do 335B-2 which is soon to be released. Some of you mentioned that you were wanting to see the other versions to, such as the two seat, and the fighter without the wing cannon. Well, the 335A-0 has already landed with me here, so it looks like we should see other versions sooner, rather than later. Two new sprues are included in this kit. A clear one which has no blisters or the armoured panels, and of course a sprue with a new forward leg/wheel/mudguard, wing inserts without blisters, bomb and new instrument panel/forward gun doors.
  25. Hi all, Over the last 10 days, me and my friend François have been busy doing a quick build of the Do-335 Pfeil by HK Models. It is a late test shot we built for TMN. Here is a photo of it, a link and a little cartoon I made. I hope you like it! Nic http://www.themodellingnews.com/2014/09/full-build-of-hk-models-do335-pfeil-in.html#more
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