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  1. Beautiful work John. Always love just how realistic and artistic your stuff looks. Matt
  2. This is certainly a build that belongs to be in a museum when it's all done. Just incredibly intricate work to produce all of the internal details of the Flogger. Matt
  3. Yeah, measuring a bomb nose is almost like trying to measure a slice out of a sphere, since it's a constant diameter on a curved surface. Definitely not parabolic, that'd be more like trying to mask and measure around an F-16 intake. Definitely way too much math for my brain to handle on a Sunday morning. I know that some guys have had success masking bomb noses by placing a pencil on the bomb nose, and then tracing it around the bomb at the fixed points you need. That might be the way to do it. Matt
  4. Shouldn't be too difficult, y= (x-h)squared + k. But I think a bomb nose would be more of an ellipse than a parabola, since it should be an equal diameter curve all the way around Matt
  5. Certainly an attractive way to attach the engine to the front Matt
  6. Now this is a cool one! Never thought I'd see a kit of the SC-1 get released. Matt
  7. Beautiful work. Love that color scheme on your Ocean Hawk Matt
  8. What a distinctive paint job, and what a fantastic job pulling it off. I can't imagine the eye strain by the time you were done Matt
  9. The Eduard one certainly looks better after the flat coat, but is there some sort of drop-shadow on each gauge? I'm enjoying your build so far John, they're always so informative Matt
  10. This is just a truly staggering build of epic proportions. What beautiful detailing and building. Matt
  11. I usually thin them down to about 60/40 thinner/paint, and they spray at around 20 PSI. Hope that helps. Matt
  12. That's always been my favorite Italian paint scheme. Pasta, pesto, and wine. Look forward to seeing this one completed Matt
  13. Those instructions are just fantastic. And with Tamiya engineering, you know it'll pretty much click together. Now, to just figure out the exact colors so I don't need to mix anything. Matt
  14. I've always had good results from Gunze GX100 gloss, and GX114 for flat clears. Both are pretty much bulletproof, and do what they do exceptionally. Matt
  15. Good to see someone building one of these. Been interested to see how it goes together. Best of luck Matt
  16. Is this going to be the CSM kit? Looking forward to your build Mike Matt
  17. Much larger. Should be closer to Lanc size. Should be about 2x3ft Matt
  18. Great to see you plugging away at this one. Good problem solving all the way through the build. Can't wait to see more Matt
  19. Thank you everyone for your kind comments on the Mustang. I have a couple more of them to do in the stash, I'll try to improve on the next one. Matt
  20. I ordered directly from them. Was super easy, and they shipped it quickly. I think they were only 8 or 9 dollars, so a good value as well. Matt
  21. Fantastic work on the chain drive. I would have thought maybe some scale motorcycle chain would work, but your scratch-work looks even better! Keep it up! Matt
  22. This version, so it's the IIC. Hopefully Revell will release that version at some point. Matt
  23. From prior research, it appears to just be different seat and the potential that the camo was redone in US-spec paints, but that question has never been conclusively answered. Matt
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