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  1. On the future release list for Jetmads Matt
  2. Ooh, the new T.50 would be an awesome kit or a truly incredible car Matt
  3. Vautour SNCAC NC. 1071 Su-24 F-2 Viper Zero Mitsubishi F-1
  4. Great camo work! Really like the shades that you've used on it, and how precise the demarcations are Matt
  5. Wonderful work Rod! Always enjoy seeing your builds, and the pictures out at the airport. Matt
  6. Wonderful build! I've got one of these in the to-do pile for 2023, will try to match the quality of yours Matt
  7. Beautiful work on the surface detail. Never knew that there was Yugoslavian P-47s. Your build is going to be absolutely stunning once paint hits it. Matt
  8. Great work on the Yak, and best of luck on the Spitfire build Matt
  9. Your build threads illustrate my need to up my game, both in builds, and in photography. Matt
  10. Great engineering and tweaks Chuck. Always laid out so simply and well-explained. Matt
  11. Great to see you back at work on this one Oliver. Wonderful project you've undertaken here Matt
  12. Awesome to see this project coming together. Looks like you're on the home stretch now Matt
  13. Just incredible micro-engineering and building. Pretty sure that you're building a full-scale MiG, and calling it a model is just a ruse. Matt
  14. Thanks very much everybody for the kind comments on my Mustang. It's a very nice, if finicky build, but that's standard for Eduard. Matt
  15. Excellent camo! It has just the right amount of weathering and sheen to it. Matt
  16. Thank you for the explanation of your process. It's fascinating to watch and see come together. Looking forward to seeing the next progress Matt
  17. Those Italian paint schemes sure are distinctive, and you've done an awesome job painting this one. So do you just press the tracing paper onto the model, and the pencil transfers over? Or is there some sort of intermediary step to it? Matt
  18. Looks like in your picture of your subject jet, you can just see the legacy light on the main gear leg way on the left side of your photo. Great progress on this Chuck, glad to see you back to work on the Viper Matt
  19. Beautiful work John. Always love just how realistic and artistic your stuff looks. Matt
  20. This is certainly a build that belongs to be in a museum when it's all done. Just incredibly intricate work to produce all of the internal details of the Flogger. Matt
  21. Yeah, measuring a bomb nose is almost like trying to measure a slice out of a sphere, since it's a constant diameter on a curved surface. Definitely not parabolic, that'd be more like trying to mask and measure around an F-16 intake. Definitely way too much math for my brain to handle on a Sunday morning. I know that some guys have had success masking bomb noses by placing a pencil on the bomb nose, and then tracing it around the bomb at the fixed points you need. That might be the way to do it. Matt
  22. Shouldn't be too difficult, y= (x-h)squared + k. But I think a bomb nose would be more of an ellipse than a parabola, since it should be an equal diameter curve all the way around Matt
  23. Certainly an attractive way to attach the engine to the front Matt
  24. Now this is a cool one! Never thought I'd see a kit of the SC-1 get released. Matt
  25. Beautiful work. Love that color scheme on your Ocean Hawk Matt
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